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October 23 – London – Agile Tour

6 oct

The 3rd edition of the Agile Tour London will happen Friday 23rd October 2015.

It’s an event open to everyone interested in Agility: From Agile Practitioners to Agile Newbies.

Visit the web site

Visit the web site

This year the program of the Agile Tour London is composed of 6 workshops and 15 talks given by 26 speakers.

Buy your tickets early, and have a discount with the Early Bird tickets. Eventbrite - Agile Tour London London 2015

How were the Agile Tours in 2013 and 2014? Check out thevideos on Video ATLdn 2014 & 2013



October 15 – Basel (CH) – Add value to your project and reduce cost through Usability and User Experience (UX)

2 oct

This presentation will introduce you to the basic concepts of user-centered design – an approach that not only provides more value to the customer organisation and users, but also addresses some common project challenges.

With Andreas Bleiker, learn about how caring systematically for usability and UX helps your project through

  • Andreas Bleiker

    Andreas Bleiker

    better defining and understanding requirements

  • preventing scope creep and development of unnecessary functionality
  • reducing number of issues during testing
  • increasing adoption
  • reducing training and support cost
  • reducing the number of change requests in operations
  • increasing productivity of users
  • increasing your reputation as a PM

October 6 – Lausanne – Les pièges à éviter pour gérer des changements complexes

28 sept

Des schémas se reproduisent dans nos succès et échecs.

En analysant ceux-ci, il est possible d’identifier et d’implémenter des mesures pour assurer le succès des projets que nous menons.

Patrick Browne partagera son point de vue concernant un certain nombre de pièges à éviter. Il sensibilisera également les participants sur la nouvelle vague de changement qui déferle sur les organisations. Le tout sous l’angle des meilleures pratiques.

Image courtesy of mrpuen /

Image courtesy of mrpuen /

Suite à cette soirée vous serez en mesure de mieux :

  • Reconnaître les pièges à éviter lors de gestion de changement
  • Identifier les prérequis pour implémenter un changement avec succès
  • Appliquer un modèle simple pour garder une démarche de pensée claire, même sous pression


September 30 – Zürich – The art of productive laziness with Peter Taylor

18 sept

“Progress isn’t made by early risers, it’s made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.”

get the book

get the book

Learn about the art of productive laziness with The Lazy Project Manager; understanding what is meant by the “productive lazy” approach to projects (and life) and learn how to apply these lessons “to be twice as productive and still leave the office early”.

Peter Taylor will cover the definition of productive laziness, the “science” behind the theory, and his definition of project stages – one in which the “lazy” PM works very hard, and the second where the PM should be in a “comfy chair” safe in the knowledge that the project is well under control. A specific focus will be made on project closure which can be done so much better with very little effort but with a significant value add for all “would be” lazy project managers.

November 22-24 – Dubaï – Project Management Forum

12 sept
Dubai 2015

Visit the web site and register

With global economies growing at a massive scale, numerous projects are being launched, managed and operated every year. Project management is instrumental in managing and streamlining the business processes in public and private entities.

dubai 2015 SpeakersBringing you the premier regional and global platform that attracts over 1,500 international attendees, the DIPMF sheds light on Dubai’s role in leading the development drive across the region by successfully adopting top-notch international standards in a series of mega projects that have commanded global attention.

A strong project management foundation is critical to leverage game changing technologies and solutions in the way businesses, the economy and governments are run. The forum will demonstrate how smart, sustainable and innovative project management practices are executed to ensure successful outcomes.

This year DIPMF will cast light on project management in increasingly growing sectors such as healthcare, aerospace, sports, investigation management, and hospitality; as well as introduce new critical areas such as organizational change management, innovation and delighting customers.

Key themes that will be covered by leading pioneers in the field include innovative project management, project management maturity, collaboration tools to optimize project management, leadership in managing projects, the role of project management in customer service, and best practices and approaches used in executing UAE’s mega projects.

23 Septembre – Genève – Organizational Agility & New PMI Credentials… by Olivier Lazar

11 sept

Open your Strategic Horizon and gain Organizational Agility, or how to overcome Organizational Inertia

Olivier Lazar

Olivier Lazar

Too many organizations struggle with the implementation of their strategic decisions and are stuck within a reactive mode, instead of being able to anticipate the different strategic adjustments they will have to make. They are victims of the combination of the inherent inertia of any organization and a restrained strategic horizon..We call Organizational Inertia the latency between the moment a decision is made and the moment corresponding actions to implement this decision are initiated.Organizational Inertia is inevitable and inherent to any organization. Decisions take time to be implemented.

But as inevitable as it can be, Organizational Inertia, if not properly addressed and recognized can be very damageable to the organization, putting its strategic initiatives in jeopardy and refraining the organization from achieving its goals, by missing the eventual time to market constrains.

New PMI Credentials… What’s in it for me and is there a life after the PMP®???

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Recently PMI has expended the field of the Profession from simple technical Project Management to a broader scope, more strategic and embracing a wider perspective both from the practitioner’s point of view as from the organizations’ perspective.

Get the PM Body of Knowledge

Get the PM Body of Knowledge

The major transformations and inclusions we have been able to notice were on the development of an integrated framework between the Project Management Standard, the famous PMBOK Guide®, with the Standard for Program Management and the Standard for Portfolio Management in their respective 3rd Editions and including also Agile approaches.

Even more recently, the publication of the Practice Guide « Business Analysis for Practitioners ».

Doing so PMI®covers basically the entire Organizational Framework, from the Bottom to Up, from Top to Down, from Right to Left and vice-versa…

That sounds nice, but what’s in it for you and me as practitioners?

What’s in it for you and me in terms of career development perspectives and employability?

Information for PMI Luxembourg members – Probationary Period for the local Chapter

11 sept

Probationary period (full announcement here)

PMI Luxembourg ChapterAs PMI France-Sud chapter founder, I understand how difficult it is at times to dedicate personal time to such activities as PMI Events organisation, local marketing of the PMI value, organizing the chapter to provide valuable services to its members…

trust confianceHowever, my experience is that the personal rewards are always higher that the efforts you put in !

So, I can only encourage you if you’re a project manager living and/or working in Luxembourg to contact your local chapter representatives to join them and help them return into a chapter in “good standing” with PMI and increase services provided to members.

In the mean time, you can still earn the PDUs you need for your credentials by attending offers at or live events in any other PMI chapter like PMI Belgium Chapter, PMI Munich Chapter, PMI France Chapter or any other in the world:

Sincerely wishing my Luxembourg colleagues the best.

September 22 – Luxembourg – Agile Testing and Delivery

4 sept

Turning continuous delivery into competitive business advantage

Visit the web site

Visit the web site

Continuous delivery is not just a technical tool. Regardless of whether we want it or not, it creates a fundamental change to the world around software teams, including marketing and customer interaction. Ignoring those changes is dangerous, because it can lead to conflicts with the rest of the company. Embracing those changes and exploiting them opens up new business opportunities. By recognising and taking charge in this transformation, software teams can become much more valuable to the companies around them.

This talk delivered y Gojko Adzic will focus on how to unlock all that potential, and turn the fact that your teams can deliver frequently into an engine that will help you outrun your competition. This is a talk for tech and business people.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Agile Testing in Practice

Check this past article and Video

Check this past article and Video

When being at talks or conferences, very often people ask for concrete advice to solve a certain problem and for examples from the real world. In many cases people find the Agile Manifesto too abstract to be helpful for their concrete situation and they are searching for help.
This shall be addressed in this experience report. What does agile testing look like in practice and how is it related to the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto?

The author, Christian Baumann, will present a couple of concrete examples from real world projects and show how they are linked to the Manifesto.

8 Septembre – Lausanne (SMP) – Être proche des parties prenantes pour être proche de leurs attentes

28 août

Comment faire émerger les détails du travail quotidien des parties prenantes qui vot faire ou défaire le succès de votre projet ?

Beaucoup de projets sont pilotés depuis des bureaux climatisés sans beaucoup de contact avec les parties prenantes, surtout quand celles-ci travaillent dans des conditions peu confortables.

L’état de l’art aujourd’hui préconise de faire des ateliers, des interviews et des sondages pour recueillir les attentes des parties prenantes.

Ces instruments sont certes utiles, mais ne sont guère efficaces pour découvrir les détails du travail quotidien.

Or c’est ce travail quotidien – avec ses petites frustrations, défauts de communication, imprévus et autres couacs – qui détermine bon nombre d’attentes implicites et ce sont souvent celles-ci qui sont à l’origine de la réussite ou de l’échec d’un projet.

La plupart des chefs de projets de formation technique ignorent que des méthodes issues des sciences sociales existent, qui peuvent faire émerger ces détails.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Lors de cette soirée, vous apprendrez des techniques pour :

  • Découvrir le travail quotidien de vos parties prenantes,
  • Faire émerger les problèmes de communication et parfois de politique qui freinent vos initiatives,
  • Établir un partenariat avec vos parties prenantes pour faire aboutir vos projets.

Cette soirée comportera 3 parties :

  • Un exercice ludique et interactif qui montre bonnes et mauvaises pratiques ;
  • Une présentation de ce que nous apprennent les sciences sociales ;
  • Des retours d’expérience concrets mettant en œuvre les points présentés précédemment.


October 6-7 – London – Project Challenge 2015

15 août

Free Entry – Leading Exhibitors – Inspiring Free Presentations

project challenge 2015Attendees gain significant advantage

Visitors to this exceptional event will gain real practical value and a very worthwhile learning experience.

With leading exhibiting organisations, and 40 inspiring FREE high quality presentations to chose from this unmissable event provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn from leading industry experts. You will get right up to date with the latest tools, solutions and services at the UK’s biggest and most important project event.



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