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16 Février – Lausanne – Découvrir HERMES 5 en vous « amusant sérieusement » dans une simulation de projet

3 Feb

Serious Game : Venez découvrir ou expérimenter HERMES 5 en vous « amusant sérieusement » dans une simulation de projet.

Le management de projet et à plus forte raison les méthodologies du domaine sont souvent présentées de façon assez froide et théorique dans les formations classiques ex cathedra et les manuels d’organisation ou de gestion de projet. Depuis quelques années, des dispositifs numériques apparaissent qui permettent de mettre un peu de vie dans ces sujets au travers de scénario eLearning. Malheureusement, l’intermédiation numérique occulte vraisemblablement  un des aspects les plus passionnant du métier de chef de projet, les dynamiques de groupe et le travail en équipe.

La SMP vous propose d’expérimenter une « nouvelle » façon d’apprendre et d’utiliser la méthodologie HERMES de la confédération au travers d’une simulation de projet riche en rebondissement.

S’agissant d’une formation, le nombre de participants est limité à 40.

Tous les détails ici Attention, séminaire complet, inscriptions closes…

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

February 25 – London – Agile Methods conference

3 Feb
Register on line

Register on line

Join our partner APMG at the Agile Methods Conference

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

QRP International France

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Don’t miss the upcoming Agile Methods Conference in London. The event takes place on Thursday 25 February and will have a strong focus on project and programme management.

Agile Programme & Project Management |Finance Sector | Public Sector, 25 February 2016, London

The event originates from the idea that learning about Agile methods is important. BUT understanding HOW they apply to your specific
context is critical.

It comprises three parallel tracks (with some plenary combined sessions) which address:
  1. Agile Programme & Project Management (for all business sectors)
  2. Agile in the Finance Sector
  3. Agile in the Public Sector

Each of these tracks has a different and specific focus. One of these is for all business sectors and addresses the Agile Programme and
Project Management. The other two tracks focus deeply on the unique challenges and differences encountered when introducing, sustaining
and scaling Agile within (1) the public sector and (2) the banking, finance and insurance (BFIS) sector.

The day is made up of a series of high quality presentations, case studies and discussion sessions.

Attendees can choose to attend any of the sessions and create an agenda that will deliver them and their organisation maximum value.
The presenters, panellists and discussion leaders are chosen for their experience and knowledge of Agile in the context of the three tracks.

Taking part in the debate, learning from experts and listening to other companies experiences is critical in order to take full advantage of Agile methods and the benefits they bring.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

2 Février – Basel – Are you leading your career or is your career leading you?

29 Jan

How can we remain in control of our career and achieve long-term success in a fast-pace changing environment?

Christine Billy

Christine Billy

In this interactive session, Christine Billy will share key insights and learnings from her experience as change manager and career coach.

  • What are the 3 key elements that make the difference between failure and success?
  • What is the recipe for achieving the career of your choice?
  • You will learn about the key obstacles and how to overcome them.

2 Février – Zürich – Computer and internet in healthcare: a cultural challenge

28 Jan

The project management of “eHealth Suisse” has to be very integrative.

doctor 2Healthcare is way behind most other social areas in using Information and communications technology to improve processes and to give health professionals fast and easy access to important information about their patients.

Establishing a national Electronic Health Record that connects doctors, hospitals and pharmacies many challenges are addressed, that have nothing to do with technical questions about computers or the internet.

Campana & Schott est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Campana & Schott est partenaire de DantotsuPM

To overcome social, cultural, financial or legal challenges it is a major factor of success to create a consensus amongst all stakeholders where rising fears or privacy concerns can be discussed. Technical solutions or commercial pressure must not impede this process. The transition and readiness seem to develop slow, but this is the real price of success.

MPM est Partenaire de DantotsuPM

MPM est Partenaire de DantotsuPM

March 17 – Zürich – Taming Tigers

22 Jan

« Everybody has a Tiger. It is the thing that snarls at us when we think about making a change in our lives and stops us developing and achieving our potential. »

taming tigersIt is with great pride that PMI Switzerland is able to feature one of the world’s leading inspirational speakers, Jim Lawless for the 2016 Spring Highlight evening event.

Jim has put his life on the line to prove his theories. Over half a million people on five continents have been inspired by Jim’s presentations and many more by his book, Taming Tigers.

Described as “the antidote to self help” Taming Tigers is a highly practical and useable no-nonsense approach to achieving things you never thought you could.

Jim Lawless

Jim Lawless

Our stories all have different beginnings. But there comes a point when we can seize the pen and write our story.

Taming Tigers doesn’t offer short cuts or quick fixes.

It offers everything you need to find the desire, confidence and courage to do things you never thought you could.

To test Taming Tigers, Jim went from overweight consultant to televised jockey in a year and he has entered the record books as the first Briton to free dive below 100m.

The Ten Rules have been used in companies from San Francisco to Bankok, from Apple to Virgin.

Now it’s your turn.

January 28 – Luxembourg – Can We Use 3D Printing Technology to Help Society?

15 Jan

PMI Luxembourg is pleased to invite us to attend its event on the 28th January 2016 at the University of Luxembourg.

PMI Luxembourg ChapterEvery year, the students of the Master in Information and Computer Sciences, of the University of Luxembourg, are challenged to develop a project in 12 weeks (effective +/- 12 days) in small teams (4 to 5 people).

This year the students will share their results and learning on this challenge, especially on how to manage short deadline projects with limited resources, and still deliver an end user product.

3dprinteravenueThe main subject of this year is; can we use technology to help the society?

We see, more and more, how technology automates manual work increasing efficiency and at the same time kill jobs, the question is, can technology focus again on helping the society?

Registration starts at 17h30. Presentations are from 18h00 to 20h00, followed by a networking cocktail.

Participation is free of charge. Please note that the number of seats is limited and online pre-registration is required.

Attend Event

January 27 – Mechelen (Brussels) – PMI Belgium New Year General Assembly

13 Jan

PMI-Belgium was founded in 1998 and is Today close to 1000 members.

PMI Belgium Chaper Web Site

PMI Belgium Chaper Web Site

It welcome members from all facets of projects and from all industries.


  • 18 h 30 : Reception with badge collection and surprise…
  • 19 h 00 : Presentations of the Board: General Assembly
  • 19 h 50 : Intermezzo
  • 20 h 00 : The entertainment part… “at the movies” with special guest
  • 21 h 00 : Reception with fingerfoods, drinks and networking
  • 23 h 00 : End of the event

Registration: Click Here

The PMI Luxembourg Chapter is back in business!

13 Jan

PMI Luxembourg ChapterThe probationary status was lifted on 6 January. Members had the opportunity to ratify the newly elected Board during the General Assembly on 12 January.

Congratulations and thank you to the volunteers in Luxembourg who worked hard to make this a reality !

3-4 Juin – Genève – Business Analysis Franco-Suisse symposium (BAFS) 2016

26 Dec
Bloquez ces dates

Bloquez ces dates

Ateliers Compétences

Comprendre pourquoi ? À quoi ça sert ? Évaluer la valeur. Prendre des décisions. Avoir une vision 360 des problèmes. Justifier vos choix. Innover. Créer. Le tout en adéquation avec toutes les parties prenantes. Voici des compétences de Business Analystes que vous pourrez acquérir au BAFS 2016 lors de nos Ateliers-Compétences. Des formations-actions, pratiques, utiles, accessibles sous forme d’ateliers pro-actifs.

Conférences et interventions

Organisées par nos partenaires les conférences vous permettront de participer à des temps d’échanges avec les autres participants, de découvrir des produits et services innovants répondant à vos besoins ainsi que des thèmes autour de la Business Analyse.

Ateliers participatifs.

Des retours d’expériences, des débats et groupes de travail seront là pour démontrer la pertinence du rôle de ces compétences dans la réussite des projets de l’entreprise.

Revivez les temps forts du BAFS 2015 sur YouTube


29-31 Août 2016 – Ghana – Conférence PMI Africa Project Management

20 Dec
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Access the Facebook Page


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