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8 Décembre – Lausanne – Projet de centrale de pompage-turbinage « Nant de Drance »

24 Nov

Le ventre d’Emosson : Projet de centrale de pompage-turbinage « Nant de Drance »

Ce projet hydroélectrique pharaonique a commencé en 2008 dans les Alpes valaisannes. 650 ouvriers et cadres construisent la plus grande caverne d’Europe qui abritera une centrale de pompage-turbinage d’une puissance de 900 MW. 2 milliards de budget, 10 ans et demi de travaux, 17 km de galeries, 450’000 m3 de béton, 360 m3/s d’eau à travers les turbines sont quelques-uns des chiffres caractéristiques de cet ouvrage.

Le ventre d’Emosson Projet de centrale de pompage-turbinage « Nant de Drance »Lors de cette soirée, Gérard Seingre, en tant que Directeur général des travaux, vous présentera ce projet hors norme et notamment :

  • Les défis techniques et de sécurité peu communs
  • Les problèmes de coordination complexes liés à la nature du projet
  • Les difficultés rencontrées en raison de l’environnement alpin et la présence de barrages en exploitation


December 2 – Lausanne – User Experience (UX) for Project Managers

18 Nov

User-Centric Digital Transformation: User Experience (UX) for Project Managers with Florian Egger

Image courtesy of suphakit73 /

Image courtesy of suphakit73 /

For digital transformation to be successful, businesses are growing increasingly aware of the necessity to be more user-centric, be it their employees for internal systems or their customers for external-facing interfaces.

Florian Egger

Florian Egger

Indeed, a good user experience (UX) comes with many advantages: a competitive edge, a stronger brand – and especially happy and loyal customers. On the inside, maximizing the user experience of internal systems means less training, fewer errors and greater employee satisfaction. But user (or customer) experience does not stop at web or mobile interfaces: It extends to all on- and offline touch points to create a consistent multi-channel experience.

While most businesses understand the strategic value of UX, few understand exactly how to tackle it is and how to bring it into a project.

This presentation will give a clear definition of UX and show how it can (and should!) be integrated into projects from the start by following a systematic user-centered design process. Not only will we show typical UX activities along the user-centered design process, we will also point out typical challenges Project Managers have to face in the different phases.

As we believe that real digital transformation should come from the inside, we will also introduce UX-PM, an international UX certification program targeted at Project Managers. UX-PM was launched in 2014 by the User Experience Alliance (UXalliance), an international network of leading UX agencies and recently launched in Switzerland by Telono. This program, consisting of 3 levels of 2 days each, is offered in French or English.

December 1 – Brussels – The Project Manager acting as a team coach

17 Nov

Microsoft will host this PMI Belgium event in its Executive Briefing Center (EBC) in the Center of Brussels.

State-of-the-art facilities to provide a professional comfortable setting in which to explore industry trends, business opportunities, and Microsoft’s technology direction.

microsoft Exec briefing center brusselsFirst Presenter: Frank Turley – The Project Manager acting as a team coach

In contrast to the older project management way, where the project manager is “the boss” and the project management team are bossing in behalf of him, our successful PM systems are now focused on facilitation and collaboration.

Découvrez le quotidien du chef de projet

Microsoft est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Second Presenter: Microsoft

A practical use client use case.

Microsoft is working actively for developing technologies related to project management as you may see on the website

Campana & Schott est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Campana & Schott est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Details on PMI Belgium’s website

17 Novembre – Lausanne – Quels défis économiques et politiques pour la Suisse ?

3 Nov

Les porteurs de projet sont vecteurs de changement dans les entreprises.

providing supportCe sont les projets menés aujourd’hui qui vont dessiner les entreprises de demain.Il est donc essentiel pour les chefs de projet, les organisateurs et les business analystes d’avoir une vision globale du cadre économique et politique, ainsi que de son évolution.

Les participants pourront prendre en compte les changements de contexte susceptibles d’avoir un impact sur leurs projets, puis proposer les solutions les plus pertinentes à leur entreprise.

  • Quelles sont les tendances émergentes en Suisse ?
  • Comment vont évoluer les conditions-cadres ?
  • Avec quels risques et opportunités ?

LogoSMPMonsieur Tibère Adler, directeur romand du « think tank » indépendant Avenir Suisse, développera ces questions, et notamment :

  • Le contexte dans lequel la Suisse évolue
  • Les principaux défis économiques et politiques auxquels nous devons faire face

inscription à cette soirée de la SMP

November 10 – Basel – The Art of Negotiation

27 Oct

PMI Switzerland ChapterHave you ever faced…

  • Unrealistic stakeholder expectations?
  • Difficulties to get the required resources?
  • Unreliable service providers?

négocier et renégocierOften as a Project Manager we must excel in the art of negotiation. If most of us learn it by experience, negotiation can actually be learned as a real skill.

By some simple tricks, you can become more efficient in all your negotiations!

With Dr. Aurélien Colson is Associate Professor of Political Science and Negotiation at ESSEC Business School, and Director of the Institute for Research and Education on Negotiation (IRENE Paris & Singapore)

29 Octobre – Lausanne – M2 Metro Challenges in Lausanne

15 Oct

Lausanne M2 LineWhich challenges have the project manager to manage a public transport project?

During this event, the speaker will describe the goal of the M2 and how he manage a big project for:

  • The communication
  • The taking of the tasks
  • The resources
  • The risk
Campana & Schott est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Campana & Schott est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Javier RUBIO BELLOD has spent his entire career working for the transport industry as engineer.



Installed in Lausanne’s region since 2007, and working for “Transports Publics de la région de Lausanne”, he has dedicated his last 6 years to put in service and deal with metro M2 line systems.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

19 Octobre – Luxembourg – who is in?

14 Oct

Now is a good time to get involved and contribute to the dialogue of Project Management practices in Luxembourg.

Please register here to participate in the chapter re-birth:


PMI Luxembourg Chapter18:00 – 18:30 Registration
18:30 – 18:45 Welcome & Introduction to the PMI Luxembourg Chapter
18:45 – 19:00 Current status and how we got here
19:00 – 19:30 Next steps … Who’s in?
20:00 – 21:00 Networking cocktail



Contribute to build a strong PMI Luxembourg Leadership Team

(16-25 October 2015)       Call for Election Candidates
(19 October 2015)              Ratification of the Chapter Bylaws by Members
(31 Oct10 November)  Elections (overseen by PMI EMEA)

  • Announcement of Election results to Members
  • General Assembly to announce Board to Members
  • Installation of New Board Members
  • Preparation of Business Plan
  • Revoking of Probationary Status

October 23 – London – Agile Tour

6 Oct

The 3rd edition of the Agile Tour London will happen Friday 23rd October 2015.

It’s an event open to everyone interested in Agility: From Agile Practitioners to Agile Newbies.

Visit the web site

Visit the web site

This year the program of the Agile Tour London is composed of 6 workshops and 15 talks given by 26 speakers.

Buy your tickets early, and have a discount with the Early Bird tickets. Eventbrite - Agile Tour London London 2015

How were the Agile Tours in 2013 and 2014? Check out thevideos on Video ATLdn 2014 & 2013



October 15 – Basel (CH) – Add value to your project and reduce cost through Usability and User Experience (UX)

2 Oct

This presentation will introduce you to the basic concepts of user-centered design – an approach that not only provides more value to the customer organisation and users, but also addresses some common project challenges.

With Andreas Bleiker, learn about how caring systematically for usability and UX helps your project through

  • Andreas Bleiker

    Andreas Bleiker

    better defining and understanding requirements

  • preventing scope creep and development of unnecessary functionality
  • reducing number of issues during testing
  • increasing adoption
  • reducing training and support cost
  • reducing the number of change requests in operations
  • increasing productivity of users
  • increasing your reputation as a PM

October 6 – Lausanne – Les pièges à éviter pour gérer des changements complexes

28 Sep

Des schémas se reproduisent dans nos succès et échecs.

En analysant ceux-ci, il est possible d’identifier et d’implémenter des mesures pour assurer le succès des projets que nous menons.

Patrick Browne partagera son point de vue concernant un certain nombre de pièges à éviter. Il sensibilisera également les participants sur la nouvelle vague de changement qui déferle sur les organisations. Le tout sous l’angle des meilleures pratiques.

Image courtesy of mrpuen /

Image courtesy of mrpuen /

Suite à cette soirée vous serez en mesure de mieux :

  • Reconnaître les pièges à éviter lors de gestion de changement
  • Identifier les prérequis pour implémenter un changement avec succès
  • Appliquer un modèle simple pour garder une démarche de pensée claire, même sous pression



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