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August 30 – Sept 1 – South Africa – 1st PMI Africa Conference (detailed agenda)

2 juil
Visit the registration and information web site

Visit the registration and information web site

All eyes are on Africa! According to the latest Project Management Institute PMNetwork Magazine it is projected that the GDP for Africa will “increase fivefold from US$640 billion in 2000 to US $3.7triillion in 2019″.


Dr Kishoor Pitamber Chairman’s Address & Introduction
14:30 Mark Langley PMI CEO Welcome Address
15:15 Georges Mpoudi Ngole Opening Plenary


Jason Drew Sustainable Business Development Across Africa
David Ireland Bridging the Cultural Divide: The Missing Link When Managing Projects Across African Borders
Sidney Laud Schandorf Aligning Projects with Corporate Strategy: The Strategy Definition Problem Ayobami Oladejo Project Management And Leadership
Deji Ishmael Stratecution – Right Strategy IS ROI Lambert Ofoegbu Leading in Complex Project Environments of Continuous Changing Demands by Stakeholders
Anton Olivier The Nine Vital Components for Successful Strategy Execution in the Public Sector Kwame A Yeboah Managing Stakeholders to Eliminate The Risk of Project Failure: The Edikan Gold Project and Adamus Project Experiences
Martin Madiba Ebongue Innovation Project Management Driving African Economies to Sustainable Competitiveness Sudesh Pursad Africa Focus: Economic Growth = Executing Successful Projects
Meghan Brinkley Issues Project Managers Face Today T.Zuofa, E.G Ochieng & B Edokpolo Future Direction of Project Management Education in Developing Countries: the Case of Nigerian Universities
Shadreck Phiri Incorporating CSR in Project Management for the I.T. Sector Anthony Olawale Birch Fast Forward Africa
Sandra Okah-Avae The Impact of Culture on Project (Team) Management in the Developing Economies of Africa
JC Kruger Challenges & Innovative Solutions: MOMA – the Fun Construction Project in Northern Mozambique


Dr. Imtiaz Sooliman Critical Issues in Africa & Crisis Management
Walter Ginevri PMI Education Foundation, “A Sustainability Model for Schools in the Congo”
Karen Taylor Vermaak Overcoming the Complex Nature of Project Management in the Development Sector: Learnings from Health Screening in SA Rural Schools Cathy Du Plessis Safeguarding Projects with Independent Programme Assurance
Everlyn Mwangi Managing Data Projects; The value of Impact Sourcing in a Developing World Quinton Van Eeden Managing Programme Risk –More than just the Sum of the Parts
Fedrick E Kitoogo & Abdul Nsubugu Project Management in Government – The Ugandan Landscape Sid Bwenifora Moving to Incremental, Iterative Approaches for Enterprise Programme / Project Management
Olfa Hamdi Driving Construction Field Productivity through Workface Planning: a case study from Nigeria Olanrewaju Oderinde Managing Projects in Organisations without Standardised Project Management Processes
Vivienne Ogbonna Delivering Real Value in Construction Projects Nick Bradshaw How can the PMO & Change Practitioner of Today Use New Approaches to Address The Digital Transformation Dilemma?
Shiraz Elsaid How Projects Affect Business: Projects in Bank of Khartoum Martin Smit Development and Implemention of a Project Life Cycle Methodology (PLCM) in Abigorganisaton
Tarila Zuofa Appraising the Challenges of Virtual Project Teams in Nigeria



Described as one of ‘Africa’s most inspiring green leaders.’


Chief Information Officer (CIO) of MTN Cameroon.


President & CEO of the Project Management Institute (PMI).


Founder & Director of the Gift of the Givers foundation.

Nov 4&5 – Zürich & Lausanne – Amazing IPM Day(s) in Switzerland

29 juin

Amazing International Project Management Day 2015 Events in Zürich (Nov 4th) and Lausanne (Nov 5th) organized by PMI Switzerland

Did you ever wonder what singers do, when they do not perform on stage?

Turns out, it’s not so different from what project managers do – each concert and each CD production is a project on its own, which has to be managed with the same care as IT or construction projects.

Jaël Malli

Jaël Malli

So are singers, musicians and movie stars « just » regular project managers? And what makes them still so different, that these professions are the dream jobs of many, while you won’t find a single child who wants to become a project manager…..

Jaël Malli will tell us about her most recent project – creating her first solo CD – and shows us how close her work is to traditional project management and what still sets it apart. With that she might trigger some ideas, how project managers can make their profession appear more attractive in front of their stakeholders.

Please register on the PMI Switzerland Homepage:

3&4 September – Falmouth (UK) – Agile on the Beach

25 juin

APMG International confirmed as Agile on the Beach 2015 sponsor

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

APMG International is the latest addition to an exciting line-up of sponsors for Agile on the Beach 2015.

agile-on-the-beachIn the world of agile, APMG has a long-standing partnership with DSDM Consortium ( – a not-for-profit organization whose aim is to develop and promote best practice and learning for successful agile projects and product development.

agile_bg_small-300x224At Agile on the Beach APMG will be showcasing agile project and programme management training and certification schemes, developed in partnership with DSDM Consortium:

Each of these schemes is supported by best practice handbooks published by DSDM and APMG will be offering a special discount on the handbooks for Agile on the Beach attendees.

Meet the APMG team at Agile on the Beach 2015

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

July 8 – Geneva – User-Centric Digital Transformation

24 juin

User-Centric Digital Transformation: User Experience (UX) for Project Managers with Florian Egger

Image courtesy of suphakit73 /

Image courtesy of suphakit73 /

For digital transformation to be successful, businesses are growing increasingly aware of the necessity to be more user-centric, be it their employees for internal systems or their customers for external-facing interfaces.

Florian Egger

Florian Egger

Indeed, a good user experience (UX) comes with many advantages: a competitive edge, a stronger brand – and especially happy and loyal customers. On the inside, maximizing the user experience of internal systems means less training, fewer errors and greater employee satisfaction. But user (or customer) experience does not stop at web or mobile interfaces: It extends to all on- and offline touch points to create a consistent multi-channel experience.

While most businesses understand the strategic value of UX, few understand exactly how to tackle it is and how to bring it into a project.

This presentation will give a clear definition of UX and show how it can (and should!) be integrated into projects from the start by following a systematic user-centered design process. Not only will we show typical UX activities along the user-centered design process, we will also point out typical challenges Project Managers have to face in the different phases.

As we believe that real digital transformation should come from the inside, we will also introduce UX-PM, an international UX certification program targeted at Project Managers. UX-PM was launched in 2014 by the User Experience Alliance (UXalliance), an international network of leading UX agencies and recently launched in Switzerland by Telono. This program, consisting of 3 levels of 2 days each, is offered in French or English.

16 Juin – Luxembourg – Agile Interest Group Meetup

9 juin
lux future lab

Next Agile Interest Group Luxembourg Meetup the 16/06 at Lux Futur Lab!

Register now for the event!

Visit the web site

Visit the web site

The Agile Interest Group Luxembourg (AIGLU) objective is to foster knowledge sharing between agile practitioners and all interested people alike, promoting agility in Luxembourg (and the Greater Region). Agile software development of course, but not only… Agility outside IT and more generally connections with Lean, Business and Project Management.

  • Regular think tanks and drinks
  • Events, conferences and workshops
  • Web site (currently reworked)

June 18 – Basel – Big Data in Big Pharma

8 juin

So what needs to be done to make project managers and IT leaders ”fit” for their first “Big Data” project?

PMI Switzerland ChapterA PMI Switzerland event starting at 6:30PM with Simon Ulrich who is leading the global Business Intelligence & Master Data Management department of the F-Hoffman La-Roche Ltd. Pharma division.

Experts agree: Big Data can generate an immense advantage in knowledge resulting in innovations and thereby strategic competitive advantages, higher productivity and more economical success.

Article sur le Big Data

Article sur le Big Data

This potential is carried not in the data itself but in the value that needs to be retrieved from the flood of often unstructured mass data. This forces HealthCare companies like Roche totackle new challenges. So what needs to be done to make project managers and IT leaders ”fit” for their first “Big Data” project?

Simon Ulrich will share the lessons learned of the Big Data@Roche project from the perspective of the project lead. He will present examples of how Big Data can be applied in life sciences and introduce to us strategies that helped the Roche IT organization to enable successfully  those use cases.

More Big Data related posts:

Fin Juin – Paris & Genève – Avec DantotsuPM, bénéficiez de -20% sur le Business Analysis Symposium (BAFS 2015)

6 juin

Une superbe initiative Franco-Suisse !


Tous les détails sur ce site web

Réussir la révolution numérique nécessite une collaboration étroite entre les métiers et la Direction des Systèmes d’Information (DSI).

Cette conférence professionnelle fera la part belle aux retours d’expérience, débats et présentations d’experts du sujet. Elle se déroulera à Paris les 24 et 25 Juin puis se déplacera à Genève les 29 et 30 Juin.

Postez un commentaire à ce billet et je vous enverrai un code de réduction. Michel. :-)

June 18 – Zurich – Developers, developers, developers! – Finding and managing them

1 juin

If you type « software development resources » in a search engine of your choice you will get over 100 million hits.

developer woman

Yana Fischer

Yana Fischer

This is hardly surprising given how large the industry has become and how quickly it develops. Resources are anyway difficult to manage and more so in the context of a software development project in a high cost location such as Zürich.

In this PMI talk, Yana Fischer will share her experiences with project resources acquisition and management over the last few years. Topics such as the challenges of managing legacy resources and distributed teams doing software development will be covered in addition to the standard co-located teams.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

11 Juin – Lausanne – Demystifying Cloud – Are we really under threat?

29 mai

In spite of Snowden revelations and Data protection issues across the border, the Cloud Services is here to stay.

protectionCompanies need to use them for various benefits. The train has left the station and its upto the organizations to catch it or leave it.

  • Do companies taking enough care to protect themselves or their employees / customers/ consumers from the imminent threat?
  • Do they spend too much efforts in an over-bloated area of risks in this space?
  • What is the real breaking point ?

During this interactive evening, Velan Thangavelu, Cloud and Risks consultant, will provide an overview on the trends in the cloud computing domain, the risks, the controls and the ways to tread or fly carefully onto the cloud. Velan will also talk about the Cloud services market space and the cloud potential that could be Scattered Cumulus Clouds in a Blue Skyleveraged for business benefits. The event is not a typical project management topic but considering majority of our projects/project managers deal with the cloud services, this session aims at providing a good overview on how to deal with managing cloud services.

Cambridge is currently running a survey on cloud computing in Switzerland. CTP will share the outcome of the survey and the significance of the Switzerland’s view on cloud computing. This will be complementing the speech from Velan.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

June 16 – Belgium – The hidden story behind requirements

28 mai

PMI Belgium is pleased to announce the first satellite event in Limburg.

PMI Belgium Chaper Web Site

PMI Belgium Chaper Web Site

With Brussels, Antwerp, Namur and East-Flanders having held a satellite event, we are not going to let Limburg be left behind.  We are inviting you to share a drink with your peers over an engaging workshop.

Why should project managers care about requirements management?

From PMI’s white papers, we are aware that poor requirements management is one of the main reasons for project failures.  Can we tackle this issue with just some tools?

Get the book

Get this book about requirements management

Stefan Bossuwé, CBAP, president of IIBA Belgium, will unravel some of the mysteries around business analysis and requirements management. During this interactive workshop we will explore requirements from a different angle, which undoubtedly will lead to a paradigm shift in thinking.

The workshop will consist of a short presentation covering the event topic, followed by an interactive session.  We welcome challenges to the proposed content as well as your opinions on the subject.

Some questions to jumpstart some the session:

  • Do you actively manage requirements?
  • Where do you draw the line between the role of the business analyst and the project manager in practice?
  • How would you sell the idea of to perform requirements management in an organization?

Tuesday 16th June, from 18:30 – 20:00 at Theatercafé (the cool bar at the Hasselt cultural centre)  – Kunstlaan 5, 3500 Hasselt

register here and for further information contact Erik Leung Shun: @Erik_Leung_PMP ,

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM


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