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November 18 – Webinar (MS) – Leveraging Scrum/Agile for Project and Project Online

30 oct

Some people say that Project cannot be used outside of a Waterfall schedule approach. This is absolutely NOT true.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

In fact, most of the best scheduling approaches leverage iterative activities, such as Scrum or Agile Planning incorporated into their project.

This seminar will address key steps, for building an Agile schedule, addressing pros and cons to Scrum features and approaches, while blending a schedule to address the tactical agile needs, while still providing rollup and time boxed reporting to stakeholders. This lively and example-driven webinar should help all who attend understand how they too can build agile, iterative schedules and address the need for having a good schedule that also helps to map, track and report activities, features, story points, backlogs all within MS Project.

Presented by Tim Runcie

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Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

November 13 – Webinar – Business Relationship Management: A Bridge Between Business Value and Technology

30 oct

An APMG International Webinar with Tudor Rees, Leading Edge Forum

Learn about this certification

Learn about this certification

This webinar will introduce the Business Relationship Management (BRM) discipline with a particular focus on BRMP training and certification.

The BRMP (Business Relationship Management Professional) certification was developed by the Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI) and is administered by APMG International.

This session will be of interest to training organizations for whom BRMP training and certification may be a valuable addition to their portfolio, and individuals who could benefit from this certification.

The webinar will focus on:

  • What is BRM and why is it such an important discipline?
  • The role of a BRM Professional in bridging the gap amongst various stakeholders in an IT environment.
  • Benefits for training organizations offering the BRMP certification as part of a wider portfolio.
  • What’s in it for you (to partner with BRMI and APMG International)?

Start time: 15:00 GMT (London, UK) / 16:00 CET/France

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Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

November 6 – Webinar (PMI) – Impact of Cloud Services and Virtualization of PMOs

28 oct

A PMI IT & Telecom Community of Practice webinar with Anita Potgieter

cloud reachIn today’s day and age, Project Managers are required to constantly adapt to keep up with or get ahead.

Access to information and mobility are key to the modern project manager and as such traditional project management processes and/or services need to be enhanced to facilitate this.

That being said, some traditional project management methods should still be kept intact to ensure good governance.

This webinar will aim to supply you with an overview of how cloud services will enable the PMO to virtualize and operate more efficiently

6 November 11 AM – 12 PM EST/ 17:00-18:00 CET/France

October 29 – Webinar (PMI) – Generating and sustaining trust in the project “moments of truth”

24 oct

PMI’s Ethics in Project Management Community of Practice with Giusi Meloni, PMP

CSP Formation

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

« The Leader in the mirror: Trust, Dilemmas and Risks in Project Leadership »

29 October • 17:00 CET/France

Giusi Meloni

Giusi Meloni

There are people who are recognized as “born leaders”, others who stumble into leadership and others who become leaders because of their position. All leaders however are leaders because other people are willing to follow them, people who share theirs ideas and values and commit to their vision, their projects, and their decisions. People who trust them. Trust, or the absence of it, becomes particularly evident when the Project Leader must guide the team to face the unknown, to recognize their fears and/or their hopes and make a decision. Trust itself might hide an element of uncertainty and, at the same time, it creates an obligation. When defining uncertainty, leading by example will be more important than ever and shared values must be upheld to unleash the full power of trust, uncovering potential ethics dilemmas along side with threats and opportunities.

This presentation will explore the impact of ethics in generating and sustaining trust in the project “moments of truth” with particular reference to project risk management.

October 28 – Webinar (PMI) – How to Take Your PMO to the Next Level!

23 oct

PMI Government Community of Practice offers PMI members a Webinar with Rose Ann Radosevic

28 October12-1 pm EDT

Learn about this Award Winning PMO for Canada Health Infoway.

check their web site

check their web site

Canada Health Infoway is an independent not-for-profit corporation created by Canada’s First Ministers in 2001, and funded by the Government of Canada.

Canada Health Infoway works with the health care community, Canadians, government, and the technology industry to improve access to health information for better care in Canada.

Learn about:

  • The Key Enablers
  • What a Project Portfolio Management solution can do for you
  • Lessons Learned for starting a PMO for Government

October 29 – Webinar – Adopting Agile

22 oct

This webinar is a fast paced run through of the top 5 actions you need to take before you can start running a project using agile project management.

What will I learn by joining the webinar?

APMG-AgilePMGathering examples of practical and current examples from agile projects I consult on, this guidance will ensure you involve the right people and that they are motivated to contribute. It will help you streamline what you do to create the time you need to manage the project and give the team the time to get the work done.

Do I need to understand Agile before joining webinar?

The webinar does not assume that you have any knowledge of what agile project management is, so we will run through a comparison of agile versus traditional project management at the start. This will give you the context to appreciate why I have chosen my top 5 actions, explained using examples from current implementations of agile project management in a variety of different organizations.


Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM


23 Octobre – Webinar (QRP) – Une meilleure gestion du risque avec PRINCE2 !

20 oct
seminaire QRP

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Vous êtes un professionnel de la Gestion de Projets et vous cherchez une méthode pour optimiser votre gestion et mieux établir le contrôle de vos projets en matière de risque?

QRP vous propose de participer au webinar qui vous donnera la possibilité d’enrichir votre connaissance de PRINCE2 et plus en particulier l’un de ses 7 thèmes : Le Risque.

La prise de risque est un aspect inévitable du projet, dans la mesure où le projet est porteur de changements et que tout changement s’accompagne d’incertitude et donc de risques.

Le thème risque a pour but d‘identifier, d’évaluer et de contrôler les incertitudes du projet, et par là-même d’améliorer ses perspectives de réussite.

Lors de ce webinar qui débutera à 14h30, nous vous expliquerons comment mieux gérer les risques dans vos projets grâce à PRINCE2 en appliquant systématiquement les tâches d’identification et d’évaluation des risques ainsi que de planification et mise en œuvre des réponses aux risques.


Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Genius Inside est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Genius Inside est partenaire de DantotsuPM


October 21 – Webinar (PMI) – Collective Disruption: New Approaches to Collaboration and Growth

17 oct

PMI’s Innovation and New Product Development Community of Practice proposes a new webinar with Michael Docherty

« Collective Disruption: New Approaches to Collaboration and Growth »

21 October1-2 PM EDT  / 19:00 CET (France)

Michael Docherty

Michael Docherty

Are you and your company trying to do more with less? Is your leadership team struggling with how to balance incremental innovation for today’s business and investment in breakthrough innovation for the future? Collective Disruption is a new framework that moves beyond open innovation and lean startup methods and makes the case for corporations and startups to partner in new ways to co-create breakthrough new businesses and business models

Collective Disruption provides a roadmap for corporate/startup collaboration aimed at transformative innovation. Mike Docherty will share practical advice and compelling examples from both small and large companies that are winning using these approaches.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

In this webinar we’ll cover how to:

  • Develop and nurture an innovation network that can be a pipeline for new sources of growth
  • Bring entrepreneurial and lean methods into the corporate context with a balanced approach that works
  • Discover, define, incubate and integrate new ventures iteratively and with a mindset of co-creation
  • Apply new incubation models, including leveraging accelerators and ‘on-demand’ entrepreneurs

What is open innovation ?

23 Octobre – Webinar (QRP) – Créez, Optimisez ou Reboostez votre PMO avec P3O

16 oct
seminaire QRP

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Le PMO (Project Management Office) est le département ou la personne qui détermine et stabilise les standards et les processus relevant de la gestion de projet au sein d’une entreprise. Le rôle du PMO est donc de standardiser et d’améliorer les ressources et les charges en identifiant des tâches communes dans l’exécution des projets. Le PMO est aussi une source de documentation, de références et de statistiques pour tout ce qui concerne la réalisation et le management de projets.

P3OPortfolio, Programme and Project Offices – est une approche top-down qui regroupe tous les aspects concernant l’amélioration de la gestion des projets, programmes et portefeuilles projet au sein de l’entreprise, notamment en implémentant différents types de support (bureau) à chaque niveau. P3O soutient les efforts de changements à tous les niveaux et protège le flux rapide d’informations pour les parties prenantes.

Après avoir implémenté P3O en interne, une entreprise cliente nous a livré ce qu’elle a apprécié chez P3O. Selon elle, P3O a une vraie capacité à lier les programmes et les projets à un niveau de portefeuille afin de maximiser le contrôle. Le point important pour cette entreprise était d’avoir une vision d’ensemble des connexions entre les projets et les programmes. En outre, la vision du PMO comme un prestataire de service en interne (fourniture de templates et d’outils) ainsi que la capacité de P3O à s’adapter à l’environnement de l’entreprise furent des qualités particulièrement appréciées par cette entreprise.

Vous souhaiteriez en découvrir un peu plus sur P3O et ce que cette approche peut apporter à votre entreprise? Rejoignez-nous le Jeudi 23 Octobre prochain à 17:00 pour un webinar d’information.



Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM


21 Octobre – Webinar (QRP) – Conduite du changement et Management de Programme avec MSP

15 oct
seminaire QRP

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Une grande partie du travail pour effectuer le changement peut être réalisé au travers de projets, mais la gestion de programmes est bel et bien différente de la gestion de projets. Un programme n’est pas un grand projet, ni même un ensemble de projets.

MSP® -  Managing Successful Programmes - rassemble les Bonnes Pratiques de gestion de programme dans la mise en place du changement transformationnel, à partir de l’expérience des organisations aussi bien publiques que privées et permet de délivrer des programmes complexes conformément à des stratégies sur le long terme.

Aujourd’hui, nombreuses sont les entreprises devant embrasser le changement afin de rester compétitives et adaptée à un environnement en constante évolution:

  • Une entreprise de distribution souhaite restructurer son activité de formation afin d’améliorer le service clients et dynamiser ses ventes ?
  • Une grande entreprise de production souhaite lancer un programme à l’échelle européenne d’amélioration d’ingénierie de la production, des ventes et de la finance ?
  • Deux banques d’investissement envisagent une fusion de leurs opérations (processus, portefeuilles, systèmes…) ?

Découvrez le 21 octobre 2014, à partir de 17:00, lors du prochain webinar de QRP International, comment MSP® – Managing Successful Programmes – peut apporter une solution au changement et peut-être le besoin de changement de votre organisation!


Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM



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