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March 5 – Webinar (PMI) – Learn How to Resolve Troubling Project Situations

26 fév

A PMI Webinar about Handling Difficult Project Situations

1 - 2pm ET (19:00 CET/France) – Presenter: Mark Waldof

All projects run into difficulties and some troubling situations can be very challenging for the project team to address. Issues with sponsors, clients, subcontractors, management and other stakeholders related to requirements, funding, resources, scope changes and other factors can arise, adding stress and turmoil to any effort.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Learn what the common project challenges are and what the PM and team can do to handle these situations effectively.

You can register for the webinar by clicking here.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

March 4 – Webinar (PMI) – using DiSC to manage the human side of changes

24 fév

PMI Change Management Community of Practice session with Susan Cortese

Using DiSC to facilitate the people side of Change Management

Susan Cortese

Susan Cortese

Although we all experience transitions emotionally, our reactions may be quite different. Using a psychometric model to understand these differences may go a long way to facilitating change and managing people more effectively. The DiSC model is constructed on two behavioral dimensions which form four basic profiles. Each profile, or behavioral prototype, describes preferred environments, communication styles and workplace relationships. The profiles also indicate greatest fears, motivators, values and attitudes toward change. In this webinar, you will learn about the DiSC model and how it can help you relate better to the people around you once you identify their style preference.

The DiSC system provides a meaningful, non-judgmental framework for looking at human behavior. A personalized report produced upon assessment creates better understanding of one’s unique behavioral patterns.

This greater awareness can in turn be utilized to create an environment more suited to promoting personal development and success, simultaneously helping people appreciate the motivational environments required by others. Widely recognized as a springboard for building a focused, aligned workforce, DiSC has become a key component in the employee development strategies of leading organizations worldwide.

DiSC can foster team building in an organization by:

  • improving communication and greater co-operation between employees
  • promoting the appreciation of differences and enhancing individual and team performance
  • identifying the “DiSC culture” of a particular group and thereby understanding better their prevalent characteristics, needs and limitations
  • identifying the individuals that could assist a group to achieve specific goals.

4 March • 2-3 PM EST (18:00 CET/France)

March 4 – Webinar (PMI) – What’s Hot and What’s Not in Business Analysis on Projects

23 fév

A PMI Requirements Management Community of Practice session with Elizabeth Larson, PMP, CBAP, CSM

Get the book

Get the book

Organizations are becoming increasingly aware that no matter how well they manage projects, they won’t succeed if they don’t get the requirements right.

But what does it mean to have good requirements?

Is it creating a mountain of unnecessary paperwork? Is it a rejection of techniques that have served requirements practitioners well over the years? Where is the business analysis industry going? This presentation addresses these hot topics in business analysis.

Specifically, this presentation:

  • Describes 7 trends in the field of business analysis and why some of these trends are replacing time-honored traditions while others are not
  • Describes 4 competencies that are needed to take advantage of these trends
  • Discusses what this means for practitioners who do or manage business analysis work
Image courtesy of jscreationzs /

Image courtesy of jscreationzs /

Attendees will be able to learn and discuss:

  • The latest trends in business analysis
  • Which trends are apt to last and which will fade
  • What is needed to take advantage of these trends

12-1 PM EST (18:00 CET / France)

Elizabeth Larson, PMP, CBAP, CSM is Co-Principal and CEO of Watermark Learning and has over 30 years of experience in project management and business analysis. Elizabeth’s speaking history includes presentations at international conferences on the five continents.

March 4 – Webinar (Campana & Schott) – Connect ERP systems with Microsoft Project

17 fév

Substantial decisions need to be based on reliable data!

prise de décisionHowever, in practice, usually no single, unified data platform exists in which all of the data related to a project – from the project schedule to actual work to actual costs – is consolidated and easy to access.

Join this webcast to learn how to use data available in multiple sources in a user-friendly way within your projects.

Experts from Campana & Schott will connect the PM platform Microsoft Project with established controlling processes in ERP systems like SAP to create an integrated data base. All involved roles feel at ease since decision-relevant data is consistently up-to-date and provided in their common work environment.

Details and registration !

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Februray 17 – Webinar (MS) – Is your organization running the correct portfolio of projects?

15 fév

Portfolio Management made easy with Project Online/Project Server 2013

portfolioIs your organization running the correct portfolio of projects? What value are your projects producing for your organization? Which projects give you the most value?

Come learn the Portfolio Management benefits of Project Online and walk away with a plan to get there:

  • Partenaire de DantotsuPM

    Partenaire de DantotsuPM

    Benefits and Challenges of Portfolio/Demand Management

  • Project Online/Project Server 2013 Overview
  • Understanding project selection
  • Resource utilization and capacity/demand tracking across your organization
  • Scenario based analysis
  • Increased flexibility with Scheduling
  • Gain insight on resolutions to your portfolio management challenges
  • Ask Questions and understand how you can get to Portfolio Excellence

Presented by by Jacques Goupil and Scott Clausen

Add this session to your calendar

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

February 24 – Webinar (PMI) – What’s the most important aspect of Project Management?

13 fév

A PMI New Practitioners Community of Practice Webinar with Mark Phillipy

Delivering Business Value: The Most Important Aspect of Project Management

La figure 1 : la triple Contrainte

la triple Contrainte

24 February12-1 PM EST (18:00 CET/France)

In the past, success of a project was measured based on its ability to deliver a quality scope on time and within budget. Although these factors are important to consider and control as a project progresses they are not a true measurement of the success of a project. A project can only be considered successful if that project delivers the predetermined business value to the customer. When we look at project success in this light, businesses will make better decisions about which projects to execute and project managers will focus on what is important as their team delivers value.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Delivering business value to the customer is the most important aspect of project management. Through the use of story and real life examples this practical session will help solidify your resolve to be a successful project manager by focusing on delivering value to your customers and business. You will also learn the five steps to delivering business value and how to apply those steps to your future projects.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM


February 18 – Webinar (PMI) – How Project Managers can excel under pressure

13 fév

PMI’s Government Community of Practice offers PMI members a session with Bill Benjamin

PressureLet’s face it—Government Leaders face enormous amounts of pressure. Failing to manage pressure is a significant reason why projects fail. This webinar will explore how the brain functions under pressure and will explore ground breaking research on how Project Managers can excel under pressure and drive engagement, innovation, growth and deliver success in their projects!

Key Learning:

  • Stressed Out And In PainHow to better manage pressure to gain a competitive advantage
  • Research on what the top 10% did to excel under pressure
  • 3 pressure insights that will help you avoid the negative effects of pressure
  • How pressure affects your brain and strategies you can use to perform under pressure
  • Experience sharing / Stories of government leaders and organizations who have managed pressure effectively to succeed

Bill Benjamin, Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP), has a rare perspective: he has advanced degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and 25 years of real world business experience as a senior leader. Bill leverages his experience to take a practical and scientific approach to helping people understand how the brain responds under pressure and how that can help increase leadership and performance.

February 20 – Webinar (PMI) – Advance your career through better relationship habits

11 fév

A PMI Learning Education and Development (LEAD) Community of Practice session with Bruce Harpham

Bruce Harpham

Bruce Harpham

Project managers know that relationship management is essential to project success. Missing a key stakeholder can cause stress, turmoil and delays.

What about the relationships that move your career forward?

Do you have productive and effective relationships with executives, project managers and team members?

Are you putting thought into your relationships or simply hoping for the best?

Your ability (or lack thereof) is one of the most important factors that determine whether or not you will advance to the highest paying roles in the profession.

trois choses, 1,2,3In this webinar, you will learn strategies and techniques to manage three essential types of relationships:

  1. Executives and project sponsors: how to turn these powerful individuals into allies
  2. Peer Project Managers: how to access knowledge and opportunities from your peers
  3. Project Team Members: why and how to build relationships and talent for the long runAll attendees have the option to request a relationship building toolkit at no cost to continue building their skills.Bruce Harpham runs, a leading publisher of career advancement resources for project managers.

 20 February12-1 PM EST (:00 CET/France)

February 26 – Webinar (PMI) – Embedding Diversity into the Talent Management Process

10 fév


a PMI Global Diversity Community of Practice event with Tamika Curry Smith

26 February 2015 • 1 PM – 2 PM EST (19:00 France/CET)


Despite having implemented a variety of diversity initiatives, many organizations still struggle to move women and minorities into top-level positions and retention continues to be a challenge.

One of the keys to making progress is to embed diversity into a holistic talent management strategy, including recruitment, development, and retention.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

This webinar will give you important information and practical implementation strategies to help you succeed in leveraging talent management to drive diversity throughout your organization.

CSP Formation

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

February 12 – Webinar (PMI) – 3 future trends that Project Managers should watch

9 fév

A PMI Learning Education and Development (LEAD) Community of Practice session with Carleton Chinner

Image courtesy of jscreationzs /

Image courtesy of jscreationzs /

Change today in areas such as artificial intelligence, automation, and population demographics is progressing rapidly.

This is likely to give project managers many opportunities and the occasional challenge, over the next two decades. Carleton Chinner discusses three key trends that will affect Project Management, and describes strategies that you can employ to improve your chances of benefiting from these trends.

Carleton is a fifteen year veteran of managing projects from the front line. He is based in Brisbane, Australia and is always on the lookout for ideas that will help him deliver a better outcome.

 12 February2-3 PM EST (20:00 CET/France)


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