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August 28 – Webinar (PMI) – Idea Mapping

15 août

PMI Consulting CoP August 2014 Webinar with Jamie Nast

Get the book

Get the book

Idea Mapping is a powerful whole-brained visual thinking tool that enhances memory, note-taking skills, thought organization, planning, productivity, creativity, communication, and clarifies thinking.

It uses color, key words, lines and images to connect thoughts associatively. Idea Maps are the natural expression of the way the brain processes information associatively.

Have pen and paper handy and join Jamie Nast, author of Idea Mapping, for an activity-based webinar where you will be given an introduction to Idea Mapping.

Jamie’s book Idea Mapping, How to Access Your Hidden Brain Power, Learn Faster, Remember More, and Achieve Success in Business is brought to life in this webinar by Jamie’s unique, results oriented teaching strategies.


August 21 – Webinar (PMI) – Applied Innovation for Real People

11 août

You no doubt understand why innovation is needed in your organization. But do you struggle with the how?

Cheryl Rayfield

Cheryl Rayfield

With Cheryl Rayfield, Juice Inc. Business Development, Design & Facilitation With a passion for unleashing the best in others, Cheryl Rayfield has spent her career making individuals, teams and organizations believe in what’s possible.

Innovation is a strategic lever you can use to grow your business and remain competitive. While you no doubt recognize “why” innovation is needed, you may struggle with “how” to do it. In this presentation,we will explain how organizations can embed innovation as a key capability by equipping individuals and teams with a structured process and practical tools they can apply immediately at work.

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • How to engage your workforce by demystifying innovation and creating a culture of breakthrough thinking and functional innovations
  • Why a structured process can produce 500% MORE useful IDEAS than traditional brainstorming
  • What practical tools exist to stimulate innovative thinking across your organization – starting today

August 19 – Webinar (PMI) – Simplifying Innovation: A Framework for Finding Hidden Innovation Capacity

8 août

PMI’s Innovation and New Product Development Community of Practice with Mike Dalton

50% or more of your new product innovation capacity is hiding in plain sight!

Image courtesy of  graur codrin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of graur codrin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

That’s right – even in the best of companies, half of new product resources (Marketing, R&D, Engineering, Manufacturing Scale-Up and Sales) end up as waste.

In this highly interactive and engaging session, you will experience some of the root causes for this waste as well as learn steps you can begin taking to double new product throughput with your existing resources.

19 August 1-2 PM EDT 19:00 CET/FRANCE

July 24 – Webinar (PMI) – PMs’ Role in Promoting and Supporting Innovation

17 juil

PMI’s Innovation and New Product Development CoP with Rob Beachy and Dr. Harvey Robbins

"The Role of the Project/Program Manager in Promoting and Supporting Innovation"

24 July • 1-2 PM EDT / 19:00 CET/France

Innovation Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.Innovation and creativity are challenges at all levels of management, but who is responsible, and how do you encourage the level of innovation and creativity to achieve your goals and objectives.

The level of innovation and creativity is often determined by the Product Manager whose responsibility is to implement the corporate strategy that dictates the level of “newness” required to achieve well defined goals and objectives. These plans often range from line extensions to new to the world ideas.

The Project Manager has the role of managing minor changes and upgrades with known expected time lines and resources, while new to the world or new to the company creativity offers a unique challenge that requires roles that are more collaborative and challenging with no established reference time lines or processes.

The greater the innovation, the greater the challenge in Project and Program management as well as learning how to encourage and resource creativity

We will focus on the opportunities and challenges of more creative projects and programs to provide insights into best practices to achieve success.


26 Juin – Monaco – Management de projets Innovants

12 juin

Le pôle Monaco du PMI France vous invite à assister à l’événement sur le sujet "Management de projets Innovants, Gestion de l’Innovation"

Logo Monacoqui aura lieu le Jeudi 26 Juin 2014 de 13h00 à 16h00 à l’Hôtel Columbus à Monaco. L’enregistrement et le Networking commenceront à 12h30.

Dans un contexte économique caractérisé par une forte compétition et par l’innovation les entreprises cherchent à développer toujours plus rapidement des produits nouveaux. Dans ce contexte le management de projet est souvent présenté depuis 25 ans comme la panacée pour concilier l’innovation et les contraintes de coût, de qualité et de délai.

Sylvain Lenfle

Sylvain Lenfle

Lors de cette conférence nous nous proposons d’étudier les relations complexes entre projet et innovation, mais aussi la présentation de méthodes, d’outils et des cas pratiques.


  • Sylvain Lenfle , Maître de Conférences à l’Université de Cergy-Pontoise et Chercheur associé au Centre de Recherche en Gestion,  École Polytechnique, Paris.
  • Simon Fuhlhaber, Président de la Société Time To Innovate.


May 20 – Webinar (PMI) – New trends in product development processes

14 mai

Key Trends + Findings in New Product Development Processes" with Stephen Uban

20 May 19:00 CET/France

pdmaEvery few years the Product Development and Management Association conducts a survey of Product Development practices and identifies best practices. We cordially invite you to join us for this exciting event to learn more about:

  • How the best companies get 100% higher sales and profit from new products and services
  • How new product development cycle times have changed
  • What tools are the most effective to improve NPD output
  • How strategy impacts new product success
  • How social media is being used in NPD
  • What you can do now to help your company develop more successful products faster

May 6 – Webinar (PMI) – Project Management: An Essential Ingredient for Innovation

30 avr

12 May • 6pm CET

"Project Management: An Essential Ingredient for Innovation"

Presenters: Winnie Liem, PMP and Dr. Bill Brantley

Innovation Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.Project management is an essential ingredient to innovation. It is only with great project management that you can bring an innovative idea to action. However, innovation requires a different type of project management than the standard multi-year government project.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How innovative project management differs from traditional project management
  • Tools to leverage agile project management and human centered design
  • How to treat change as a variable and learn from the scrums
  • Concrete tips and tricks from those doing it right and bringing innovation to their agency.

May 1 – Webinar (PMI) – Magic formulae: Big Data +TRIZ = lean, effective and sustainable innovation

21 avr

PMI’s Aerospace and Defense Community of Practice

"(Big Data +TRIZ)=(Lean + Effective + Sustainable Innovation)" with Thomas Mc Nellis, PMP

1 May 2014 • 6PM ET/France

Project Managers are in the new age of intense data expansion: Data collection, storage, and analysis have never been easier.

big data PM NetworkWhy has optimization of that data toward lean, efficient and sustainable innovation (and competitive advantage) fallen short of expectations?

Mainly because Project Teams have more information to process than they are able to analyze during a normal project life cycle. So, sometimes those advantages from Big Data just don’t get leveraged into the right deliverable, and the result could be an outdated product at time of delivery.

Understanding how to optimize Big Data and Utilize key factors of TRIZ can equate to lean, effective and sustainable innovation in project deliverables.

This presentation provides insight into an integrated and structured approach for that innovation to become a reality.

15 Avril – Sophia Antipolis – Le digital transforme-t-il l’Entreprise ?

1 avr
Hervé Parmentier

Hervé Parmentier

Dans le cadre du partenariat du PMI avec les petits déjeuners de SKEMA, nous vous invitons à assister au ​67° petit déjeuner du CYCLE INNOVATION & CONNAISSANCE sur le sujet:

En quoi le digital transforme-t-il le business et les entreprises ?

Cet événement aura lieu au Skema le Mardi 15 Avril 2014 De 8h30 à 10h00. Il sera animé par Valérie BLANCHOT-COURTOIS, Professeure affiliée SKEMA Business School.

Les Intervenants seront Hervé PARMANTIER  & une entreprise témoin.

Entrée gratuite - Inscription en ligne obligatoire sur le site de l’événement.

April 10 – Paris – How to Develop an Optimal Mindset to Enhance Innovation

1 avr

Master Class on Thursday April 10th at 6:00 pm


Institut Mines-Telecom –  Telecom ParisTech – 46 rue Barrault, Paris 13 – Amphi B31

Marie Holm

Marie Holm

Marie Holm, Personal developement consultant (Google, Norsk Hydro)  will explain how to change your mindset to enhance your innovation ability. This Master Class will be followed by practical exercises and a Q/A session.

This event will be hosted by Didier Tranchier, Program Director.

This event will also be the opportunity to introduce the Executive MBA "Leading Innovation in a Digital World".

executive MBA


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