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5-7 September – Astana (Kasakhstan) – 30th #IPMA World Congress

24 Juin

Details and registration web site

5 July – Zurich #PMI® – Tackling the Communication Challenge

21 Juin

Communications and Stakeholder Management is essential to making a project successful and often one of the most challenges pieces of project management to get right.

Imagine you are dealing in your project with stakeholders as different as senior executives of a fortune 500 company, poor farmers in Ghana and an activist NGO that wants to draw negative media attention on you.

This is the environment in which ‘Cocoa Life’ operates: the sustainability program of the world’s largest chocolate company that is working to transform the way in which the cocoa to products brands such as Milka, Côte d’Ivoire and Catbury is sourced.

Magreet Groot

Magreet Groot is responsible for communications and budgeting at Cocoa Life and will share an insight into how the program navigates the challenging environment and share the lessons learned from her work on the program.

Learning objectives

  • Categorizing different stakeholder-groups
  • Tools to address diverse stakeholder groups
  • Practical application of different communication methods based on examples
  • Lessons learned from Communication and Stakeholder Management that can be generalized for use in other projects

Register online

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24 Juin – Luxembourg #PMI® – What is Project Assurance?

18 Juin

Traditional project management methodologies are sometimes showing their limits!

risque financier

Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

In particular with regards to the delivery of high-change projects, organisations are more and more opting for Agile Project methodologies. However, not all projects and programs are suited to be managed in an agile way.

For such a projectsProject Assurance is certainly an option to be considered especially in case of high risks and high capital projects.

Being a project role in itself, Project Assurance aims at providing independent and objective oversight to third parties in order to increase the delivery confidence of a project or a program.

PMI Luxembourg Chapter is pleased to invite you to this event

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21 June – Weminar #PMI® UK – WBS design for Earned Value

17 Juin

A PMI UK Webinar with Laurie Bowman

Speaker: Laurie Bowman

Out line of topics that will be discussed during the webinar:

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for Earned Value Management Overview
  • Why is the WBS important?
  • What is a WBS?
  • What are the requirements?
  • How to design and Implement an effective WBS

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21 June – Brussels #PMI® – 1st PMI Belgium Chapter Hackathon!

10 Juin

When it comes to Project, we all have our own « cake recipe » which we adapt according to the project we are working on.

But… what if we could get more tips and tricks to improve our projects by sharing knowledge and learning something else working together and developing solutions?

Sounds exciting? Join the 1st PMI Belgium Chapter Hackathon!

What is a Hackathon?

It is a marathon where typically computer programmers sit together to develop a new solution in a limited time.

Our Hackathon is focused in project management. We plan to have different teams working in a real-life issue and developing solutions for real-life projects.

The main objective: Working can be fun! sitting together with different people will make you think out of the box, being creative and having fun!

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NQI 2016

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20 Juin – Lausanne #PMI® – Effective Change Leadership

7 Juin

Sophisticated « change » models abound, but often lack detail on execution.

Using real examples from previous projects, John will go through the details of implementing « change » programs at all levels of an organisation.

with John Carder, Change Manager at Nestlé

Topics covered will include:

  • Assessing the situation & preparing your approach
  • Being pragmatic and avoiding « getting lost in your toolkit »
  • Positioning yourself with senior management: listening, leadership & governance
  • Taking stock: what’s possible and how with who?
  • Generating enthusiasm and credibility: producing tangible results quickly
  • Sharing responsibility & success: it’s all about « us »
  • Ensuring sustainability by building and working your « change » network
  • Making sure people have « fun »…is hard work, but essential

A PMI Switzerland Event

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May 31, June 6 and June 13 – UK – Ready for Change roadshow !

22 Mai

Join one of the 3 South of UK events

Join SPOCE Project Management, APMG and AXELOS on the free-to-attend ‘Ready for Change’ Roadshow

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

A variety of methods will be presented, including the new PRINCE2® Update 2017.

What changes have been made? Why? How do they impact upon individuals and organizations alike?

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

About ‘A Cocktail of Project Management approaches’

A complete overview of project management approaches. Learn how the wide range of project management methods available, including PRINCE2®, APM, Agile and Change Management, complement each other. Where they sit on the career path and how, when implemented, they can support any organization embracing change.

Ventura Asssociates est partenaire de DantotsuPM et le votre pour dénicher les ressources critiques en PM dont vous avez besoin

About Change Management

An overview of ‘Change Management’. Gain an understanding of the impact of change to organizations and the individuals within them and learn more about the tools and techniques used to make any transition as smooth and effective as possible…

Three separate events will take place across the South of UK, in the following locations:

  • London, Wednesday 31 May 2017
    SPOCE, 2nd Floor, New London House, 6 London Street, London, EC3R 7LP
  • Bournemouth, Tuesday 6 June 2017
    Carlton Hotel, Grove Rd, Bournemouth BH1 3DN
  • Southampton, Tuesday 13 June 2017
    The Learning Centre, 14 Annealing Close, Eastleigh, Hants, SO50 9PX

Registration is free!

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6 October – Belgium (Affligem) – #PMI® Belgium National Congress 2017 : « The Project Manager Compass »

21 Mai

PMI Belgium Chaper Web Site

The objective of the PM Fair is to help you develop and expand the compass of your project management skills each year.

PMFair Belgium National Congress

Visit the web site and register on line

With this in mind, the theme we have chosen for PM Fair 2017 is “The Project Manager Compass”.

Click to see details and order the guide

The Project Manager Compass is based on the Project Manager Competence Development Framework and is aligned with the PMI talent triangle.

The especially designed tracks of the PM compass will assist you to orientate yourself towards your personal development goals, and to navigate in the direction that best fits your chosen path and targets.

Register to PM Fair 2017

Early Bird Registration is now open!

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29 May – Luxembourg #PMI® – Performance Audit on Projects

17 Mai

PMI Luxembourg Chapter is pleased to invite us to its next event with Zhivka Kalaydzhieva, Auditor at the European Court of Auditors

PMI Luxembourg ChapterIdemocratic societies, complete, accurate and readily available information on budgetary and policy implementation is essential for decision-making. As an independent and objective examination of systems, programs or organizations, the performance audit has its importance in relation to the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of the money spent under projects and programs. It is always expected an improvement of the management of the funds on the basis of the observations and recommendations on the activities of the audited organizations.

About the speaker: Zhivka Kalaydzhieva has been working, since 2014, as Auditor at the European Court of Auditors, Chamber II “Investment for cohesion, growth and inclusion” carrying out performance and compliance audits in the field of the European Structural and Investment Funds.

Participation is free of charge for PMI members and paid for non-members.


PMI is a registered mark of Project Management Institute, Inc.

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13 Juin – Lausanne – La Canopée de Paris: 2006-2016. Un projet monumental…

17 Mai

Une décennie de défis techniques, environnementaux, de planification et de management !

Inaugurée le 5 avril 2016, la Canopée, nouvelle partie émergée des Halles, vient remplacer les pavillons Willerval. Édifice aux formes courbes d’inspiration végétale, la Canopée est un terme habituellement utilisé pour désigner la partie supérieure des forêts, en contact direct avec l’atmosphère libre et les rayons du soleil

L’équipe lauréate menée par le cabinet d’architectes PBJA à Paris et le bureau d’études Ingerop, a conçu 2 corps de bâtiments autour du fameux « trou des Halles », abritant les services culturels demandés pour les arrondissements du centre de Paris, et protégés par une « canopée » de verre.

2 ans de projet et 8 de travaux, 25’000 m2 couverts au-dessus de 750’000 voyageurs métro et 150’000 clients des commerces par jour, une portée de 96 m pour une hauteur statique minimale, 918 millions d’euros pour le total des aménagements, 3 maîtres d’ouvrage public, 7’000 tonnes de structure, une couverture en méga-tuiles de verre semi-transparente et une cascade d’eau de pluie. Voilà quelques chiffres qui caractérisent le plus grand centre commercial d’Europe en activité.

Jean-Christophe Hadorn

Lors de cette soirée débat, en tant qu’expert pour la partie HQE (haute qualité environnementale), Jean-Christophe Hadorn vous présente ce projet monumental et évoque notamment :

  • Les défis techniques de ce grand projet en environnement urbain,
  • Les défis environnementaux et d’énergie renouvelable en ville de Paris,
  • Les risques techniques, de planification et de gestion liés à un tel ouvrage, ouvert au public en 2016.

Un événement organisé par la SMP: détails et inscriptions

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