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8 September – Dübendorf – Learn the Secrets of Process Management

22 Juil

In an interactive session you will get introduced to and practice the Picture Card Design Method (PCDM).

Dr. Markus Gappmaier

Dr. Markus Gappmaier

With Dr. Markus Gappmaier, learn the theory behind effective business process modelling and re-engineering and apply it to your work experience: identify quick wins for the processes you use every day and smoothen the implementation of process changes introduced by your projects.

Although for most PCDM remains a “hidden jewel”, this simple yet effective method has been helping companies all over the world for almost 20 years to optimize and innovate their processes — including those relevant for project management, such as planning, creating concepts and following up.

PCDM uses a participatory, visual approach to create flexible process models in a very helpful systematic way. It provides method support far beyond comprehensive process modeling; from realizing quick wins based on well-informed process analysis to identifying all project tasks required for the implementation of newly created processes.

After a short theoretical introduction, you will apply PCDM to model a well-known process.



26 July – Zürich – PM Summer Lunch Networking

14 Juil

A great initiative of PMI Switzerland and its Meetup group « Project Management Network Zurich »

PMI Switzerland EventsEnjoy the summer and network over lunch with other Projects Managers in a relaxed atmosphere !

Meet at the border of the lake, on Tuesday 26 July 2016 from 12.00 to 13.30 at: Ristorante Frascati Zürich – Bellerivestrasse 2 – 8008 Zurich – Website

Public transport: Kreuzstrasse (tram 2, 4), just 2 tram stops away from Bellevue.

Everybody pays for his/her own lunch. Sorry, no PDU’s for this event:-)


21 July – London – PMI Agile and DSDM Forum

13 Juil

PMI Agile Forum in fellowship with DSDM on 21st of July at 6pm

Main speaker: Vic Page

Main speaker: Vic Page

This presentation, at a high level of abstraction, explores the fundamentals of the DSDM Agile Project Framework – since this is the framework upon which the advice, guidance and role definitions regarding the Agile Business Analyst is structured. The presentation will provide an overview of the role of Agile BA, the responsibilities as well as the skills and involvement in the context of other roles within an Agile project.

During this talk participants will be introduced with business models and structures coupled with techniques for competitive analysis, legal and regulatory compliance, strategic planning analysis and alignment.

Furthermore, at a high level, Vic will address several Agile practices related to; data gathering and modeling, life-cycle management, requirements management and traceability, scope management, time, budget and cost estimation.


  • Registration & Networking: 18:00
  • Welcome & Introduction: 18:30
  • Presentation & Q&A: 18:40
  • Networking & Drinks: 20:00

More information about the event please click here

PMI® is a registered mark of Project Management Institute, Inc.



13 Septembre – Lausanne – PMO cuisine moléculaire : Déstructure et structure

11 Juil

LogoSMPComme en cuisine moléculaire, le PMO évolue dans un milieu en perpétuelle mutation entre structure et déstructure.

Il propose souvent de nouveaux goûts qui peuvent laisser des sensations gustatives plaisantes et parfois amères…

En effet, le PMO, notamment au sein de grande entreprise publique, évolue dans un environnement complexe, politisé au possible, avec des parties prenantes pas toujours clairement identifiées et des chefs de projet parfois professionnels et surtout « miliciens »…

cookingSoirée organisée par la SMP en partenariat avec le PMO Romand

C’est ce que certains des membres du PMO Romand vont vous exposer à travers une expérience « culinaire » d’une conférence collaborative d’exception !

Au cours de cette soirée vous allez assister à une conférence collaborative qui sera animée par plusieurs intervenants sous forme d’alternance de mini-conférence (type TEDx) et de discussions avec les intervenants et le public.

Les intervenants sont tous issus du PMO Romand:

  • David Bandon (HUG)
  • Eric Deladoëy (TPG)
  • Cyrille Ghiste (CHUV)
  • Nadim Krim (Etat de Genève)
  • Santino Pepe (CHUV)
  • Christelle Rey (OFS)


Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM





16-18 August – South Africa – 27th International TOCPA Conference

4 Juil
visit the web site

visit the web site

The conference presents one day of parallel masterclasses and two days of presentations and discussions of the latest developments and best TOC practices.

On the Theory of Constraints Practitionners Alliance web site: you will find a glossary of terms and concepts, many videos and PDFs about TOC in free access.

Microsoft est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Microsoft est partenaire de DantotsuPM



July 4 – Luxembourg – PMI® Summer Networking Drink

21 Juin

The PMI Luxembourg chapter is pleased to invite you to your Summer Networking Drink.

PMI Luxembourg ChapterDuring the Drink there will be a short ‘speed networking’ activity as well as a raffle.

This is a nice opportunity to meet your board, other members of the PMI and people involved in project management.

PDUs are also offered to PMI members.

Participation is free and the number of seats is limited: registration is mandatory. Please print the ticket that will be sent to you after your registration to the event as it will be needed at the reception to validate your identity. The event will be held at: La Duchessa 20, Route de Bettembourg L-1899 Luxembourg


PMI® is a registered mark of Project Management Institute, Inc.


June 7 – Brussels – P3 Framework for the Public Administration

5 Juin

P3 Framework, the Project, Programme and Portfolio Management

QRP International France

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Nowadays, organisations need to change better, faster, cheaper: there are many factors of Change that companies and organizations need to recognize and know how to face. These « factors » are technically called « Drivers of Change« , and they investigate the key global issues and trends driving change in our societies and markets.

These kind of changes will affect the organisations in many different ways: in order to be ready, any organization need to have a strong structure, which goes beyond strong Project Management only: this « strong structure » is the so called P3 Framework, the Project, Programme and Portfolio Management levels within each company or organization. 

This FREE P3 Framework event focuses on Public Organizations, due to the different and specific Management of Benefits that need to be put in place in this sector.

This unique event will gather key pesons from the industry and help you learning more about the P3 framework and how your organization can benefit from implementing or improving it.  This session contains real life cases and facilitated by a P2 – MoP – MSP accredited trainer and consultant, Mr. Niels Van Bemmelen.  During the session participants are given the opportunity interact with questions, stories and general informaton sharing.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

By the end of the workshop participants should:

  • Be more familiar with the structure on how to set up a P3 structure;
  • Develop some ideas on how to improve their own organisation;
  • Have been explained an assessment tool for their maturity in P3;
  • Share experiences with peers, experts and a field panel.


  • Location: The International Auditorium, Brussels, Rogier Area
  • Time: 18:30pm -21:30pm – Registration starts at 18:00
  • Language: English
  • Attendance fee: FREE entrance, inscription required

Register Now

June 16 – Zurich – Project NEEO – The Thinking Remote

3 Juin

From unknown to  $1.6M and 6000 backers in less than a month!

Raphael Oberholzer, NEEO Co-Founder

Raphael Oberholzer, NEEO Co-Founder

On January 12, 2015 NEEO, the thinking remote was an unknown company and product.

Just 24 hours later NEEO had collected $130,000 US Dollars and 200 backers for our Kickstarter campaign. In just 30 days after January 12, 2015, more than 6000 people from all over the world contributed almost $1.6 Million US dollars to help a small Swiss startup build a revolutionary new remote control device.

In the same 30 days, over 350 articles were published about NEEO in almost all european languages and Japanese, Chinese, Korean to list just a few.

Come and learn more about crowdfunding, building a global brand in 30 days and of course NEEO, the thinking remote with Raphael Oberholzer, NEEO Co-Founder.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

June 14 – Brussels – PRINCE2 and Agile Evening Workshop

31 Mai

Hold your seat for this evening workshop to understand that combining PRINCE2 with Agile is not just about giving PRINCE2 an agile capability!

QRP International France

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

PRINCE2 is widely regarded as a common standard which enables projects in the public or private sector to be executed with a common understanding of the processes and terminology used, while Agile continues to take the project management world by storm: No longer confined to software development, Agile approaches have become popular with a wide variety of organisations that need to be more flexible andresponsive to deal effectively with the ever-increasing pace of change.

While it is true that these are two different PM approaches, it is also vital for companies to understand that combining PRINCE2 with Agile is not just about giving PRINCE2 an agile capability. It is much more important than that. It allows an organization to go about creating a robust and fully scalable agile capability in a controlled way. PRINCE2 should not be seen as a blocker to agile; in fact, it is quite the opposite – it is an enabler, allowing agile to happen in a disciplined manner.

Our FREE workshops will help you learning more about the method and how your organization can benefit from using PRINCE2 and Agile: these sessions will present the methods by providing a clear view of their benefits and how they can be used to increase the success of your projects.

workshop 2During these workshops, facilitated by a certified trainer, participants are given the opportunity to apply the basics of the method and finally ask any questions.

This EVENING format has been developed to meet your needs to have a learning moment after working hours: share knowledge, ask questions and start a dialogue amongst peers!

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

14 Juin – Lausanne – comment augmenter l’intelligence émotionnelle de vos équipes ?

30 Mai

Avec qui travaillez-vous ou comment augmenter l’intelligence émotionnelle de vos équipes ?

LogoSMPVous avez de la peine à motiver vos équipes ou plutôt de la peine à comprendre leur fonctionnement ?

Vous avez de la difficulté à identifier les différentes personnalités des parties prenantes de vos projets afin de les cerner et puis de les convaincre ?

« Connais-toi toi-même et tu connaîtras l’univers et les Dieux ».

Patrick de Sépibus

Patrick de Sépibus

C’est le plus ancien des trois préceptes qui étaient gravés à l’entrée du temple de Delphes. Déjà depuis des millénaires l’être humain est conscient de l’importance de se connaître.

Pourtant, vous connaissez-vous vraiment ? Comprenez-vous pourquoi vous réagissez de telle ou telle autre façon face aux différentes situations ? Et surtout, comprenez-vous le fonctionnement des personnes avec qui vous devez ou voulez travailler ?

Lors de cette soirée débat vous apprendrez une méthode simple pour comprendre rapidement le fonctionnement des autres :

  • Vous découvrirez quel fonctionnement type vous utilisez en priorité
  • Vous apprendrez à découvrir le fonctionnement type d’une autre personne
  • Et utiliserez les 3 étapes indispensables pour améliorer l’efficacité individuelle et collective.

Lors de cette présentation organisée par SMP, Société Suisse de Management de Projet,  Patrick de Sépibus utilisera et partagera des méthodes d’apprentissage accéléré qui vous permettront d’intégrer l’information donnée rapidement et efficacement.



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