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May 31, June 6 and June 13 – UK – Ready for Change roadshow !

22 Mai

Join one of the 3 South of UK events

Join SPOCE Project Management, APMG and AXELOS on the free-to-attend ‘Ready for Change’ Roadshow

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A variety of methods will be presented, including the new PRINCE2® Update 2017.

What changes have been made? Why? How do they impact upon individuals and organizations alike?

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About ‘A Cocktail of Project Management approaches’

A complete overview of project management approaches. Learn how the wide range of project management methods available, including PRINCE2®, APM, Agile and Change Management, complement each other. Where they sit on the career path and how, when implemented, they can support any organization embracing change.

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About Change Management

An overview of ‘Change Management’. Gain an understanding of the impact of change to organizations and the individuals within them and learn more about the tools and techniques used to make any transition as smooth and effective as possible…

Three separate events will take place across the South of UK, in the following locations:

  • London, Wednesday 31 May 2017
    SPOCE, 2nd Floor, New London House, 6 London Street, London, EC3R 7LP
  • Bournemouth, Tuesday 6 June 2017
    Carlton Hotel, Grove Rd, Bournemouth BH1 3DN
  • Southampton, Tuesday 13 June 2017
    The Learning Centre, 14 Annealing Close, Eastleigh, Hants, SO50 9PX

Registration is free!

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6 October – Belgium (Affligem) – #PMI® Belgium National Congress 2017 : « The Project Manager Compass »

21 Mai

PMI Belgium Chaper Web Site

The objective of the PM Fair is to help you develop and expand the compass of your project management skills each year.

PMFair Belgium National Congress

Visit the web site and register on line

With this in mind, the theme we have chosen for PM Fair 2017 is “The Project Manager Compass”.

Click to see details and order the guide

The Project Manager Compass is based on the Project Manager Competence Development Framework and is aligned with the PMI talent triangle.

The especially designed tracks of the PM compass will assist you to orientate yourself towards your personal development goals, and to navigate in the direction that best fits your chosen path and targets.

Register to PM Fair 2017

Early Bird Registration is now open!

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1 June – Lausanne #PMI® – The Business Case for Ethical Leadership & Decision Making with Olivier Lazar

18 Mai

Olivier Lazar

In our current times, there’s not a single month, week, or even day without a new case of individuals or organizations disclosed as using the system or worst infringing it for their sole benefit, to the expenses of others. When infringing the system, the case is pretty clear, when you break the Law, you’ll get punished.

Organizations are facing a constant and growing challenge on most of the markets regarding their ethical practices, societal responsibility, the integration of sustainable development trends and their contribution to the overall welfare.

Millennials are choosing the organizations they will work for (or with in fact) based on their reputation.

Ethics, workplace situations, sustainable development and social responsibility are becoming the cutting-edge value differentiator in today’s market and having a clear strategy addressing these dimensions is the key success factor which will make the difference between surviving or disappearing.

As Simon Sinek says, “People do business with you, not because of What you do, but because of Why you do it.”

Develop and enhance the contributions you make to your organization by being able to:

• Understand the aspects of business ethics, corporate social and societal responsibility.
• Demonstrate capability to analyze and select organizational initiatives based on their ethical implications.
• Define a strategy integrating these aspects.
• Make decisions to realize strategic & business objectives by harnessing the benefits of and ethical business framework.
• Actively manage business value within an ethical and responsible governance framework.
• Enhance the reputation of your organization as an attractive workplace and a trusted partner for your employees, candidates and clients.
• Support the development of an ethical business framework and culture.

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29 May – Luxembourg #PMI® – Performance Audit on Projects

17 Mai

PMI Luxembourg Chapter is pleased to invite us to its next event with Zhivka Kalaydzhieva, Auditor at the European Court of Auditors

PMI Luxembourg ChapterIdemocratic societies, complete, accurate and readily available information on budgetary and policy implementation is essential for decision-making. As an independent and objective examination of systems, programs or organizations, the performance audit has its importance in relation to the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of the money spent under projects and programs. It is always expected an improvement of the management of the funds on the basis of the observations and recommendations on the activities of the audited organizations.

About the speaker: Zhivka Kalaydzhieva has been working, since 2014, as Auditor at the European Court of Auditors, Chamber II “Investment for cohesion, growth and inclusion” carrying out performance and compliance audits in the field of the European Structural and Investment Funds.

Participation is free of charge for PMI members and paid for non-members.


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13 Juin – Lausanne – La Canopée de Paris: 2006-2016. Un projet monumental…

17 Mai

Une décennie de défis techniques, environnementaux, de planification et de management !

Inaugurée le 5 avril 2016, la Canopée, nouvelle partie émergée des Halles, vient remplacer les pavillons Willerval. Édifice aux formes courbes d’inspiration végétale, la Canopée est un terme habituellement utilisé pour désigner la partie supérieure des forêts, en contact direct avec l’atmosphère libre et les rayons du soleil

L’équipe lauréate menée par le cabinet d’architectes PBJA à Paris et le bureau d’études Ingerop, a conçu 2 corps de bâtiments autour du fameux « trou des Halles », abritant les services culturels demandés pour les arrondissements du centre de Paris, et protégés par une « canopée » de verre.

2 ans de projet et 8 de travaux, 25’000 m2 couverts au-dessus de 750’000 voyageurs métro et 150’000 clients des commerces par jour, une portée de 96 m pour une hauteur statique minimale, 918 millions d’euros pour le total des aménagements, 3 maîtres d’ouvrage public, 7’000 tonnes de structure, une couverture en méga-tuiles de verre semi-transparente et une cascade d’eau de pluie. Voilà quelques chiffres qui caractérisent le plus grand centre commercial d’Europe en activité.

Jean-Christophe Hadorn

Lors de cette soirée débat, en tant qu’expert pour la partie HQE (haute qualité environnementale), Jean-Christophe Hadorn vous présente ce projet monumental et évoque notamment :

  • Les défis techniques de ce grand projet en environnement urbain,
  • Les défis environnementaux et d’énergie renouvelable en ville de Paris,
  • Les risques techniques, de planification et de gestion liés à un tel ouvrage, ouvert au public en 2016.

Un événement organisé par la SMP: détails et inscriptions

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21 September – Bussum – #PMI® Netherlands Summit: Reconstructing Project Management

14 Mai

On Thursday September 21st 2017, CKC Seminars and PMI Netherlands Chapter will organize the 6th edition of the PMI Netherlands Summit in Bussum, the Netherlands.

We believe it is time to reconstruct project management as a discipline.

Event web site

In a world where disruption has become the norm, where boundaries between disciplines are fading and where multi-disciplinary collaboration is perhaps the only way to ensure lasting business and transformation results, it pays off to think without a box, to go greenfield to an extreme, and to reinvent who we are as project managers.

In order to do that we have to go back to the essence of what it means to do the work we do, to set that off against the essence of the world we now live in and to come up with core ways of working and being that will actually make the difference.

We are preparing for a highly interactive conference.

The objective is to conclude this conference with a debated, if possible shared view on “Project Management 0.5 – a reconstruction of Project Management”.

PMI Netherlands will be very pleased to welcome you on September 21st 2017 as a participant, sponsor or speaker!

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13 May – Tunis – PMI Tunisia Chapter official launch event

7 Mai

Join the PMI Tunisia Chapter official launch event.

Free launch event

Network with fellow project management professionals and industry leaders in Tunisia and the region. Current project management challenges in Tunisia will be revisited and discussed in depth by respected speakers.


PMI Tunisia is a local chapter of PMI (Project Management Institute). We have enormous potential to become one of the most dynamic chapters in the region. PMI Tunisia strives to support the PMI Global mission while continuing to enable its members to achieve project management excellence.


Our goal is to promote the profession of Project Management by creating a culture and community that facilitates professional growth through networking, education & volunteerism.

What’s in for you?

Anyone interested in lifting their personal game or that of their company in the art, science and benefit of project delivery.

No matter where you are in your organization right now, there is a next step you can take immediately to move up to the next level.

Register for free online

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18 May – Basel #PMI® CH – Are you curious about Design Thinking?

27 Avr

Design Thinking is a methodology to solve and find desirable solutions for complex problems.

In this session, Cihan Gedik, a chemical engineer and management graduate, Alain Bindels, an experienced Design Thinking facilitator, and Larisa Aragón Castro, is a project manager and devoted change management practitionerwill explore the world of design thinking and how it can boost your project execution by exploring, ideating and prototyping solutions to your project management challenges.

“Design thinking can be described as a discipline that uses the designer’s sensibility and methods to match people’s needs with what is technologically feasible and what a viable business strategy can convert into customer value and market opportunity.”
– Tim Brown CEO, IDEO

Details and registration

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11 May – Geneva #PMI® CH – Site Visit to the Industry-Leading Perfumery Plant

26 Avr

Firmenich inaugurated last November its new Perfumery Plant in Geneva.

This new site, at the cutting edge of the industry from both a technology and capacity perspective, represents Firmenich’s commitment to operational excellence. Firmenich announced in January the sale of its La Jonction site to the Geneva State’s Pension Fund. The transaction will enable Firmenich to strengthen its industry-leading position by creating a campus of excellence in Meyrin-Satigny, as a hub for forefront innovation and creation. With the most sophisticated techniques, Firmenich scientists explore the structure of nature’s own molecules, reproduce their purity in the laboratory and apply their expertise to invent new ones. Each year Firmenich introduces four to six new ingredients in our flavor and perfumery palettes.

PMICH is proud to invite you to join us to visit these industry-leading production and business facilities in Geneva, and hear the story about the perfume business and project management from the impressive lineup of senior Firmenich managers and speakers.

Register early, since the number of visitors is limited to 30.

Tickets and registration

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7 June – London – The PMO Conference

23 Avr

The PMO Conference is curated and designed for you, the PMO practitioner.

Focused on portfolio, programme and project offices, this one day conference is all about learning more about your chosen profession. From a full programme of PMO expert speakers, a dedicated PMO exhibition full of PMO products and services and time to network with new PMO contacts or reconnect with friends and ex-colleagues, the day is 100% PMO focused.

Bookings Now Open

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