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15 March – #PMI® Belgium – Accra Flooding Initiative

25 Fév

Cross-organization event between PMI Belgium and ie-net

Check the PMI Ghana Chapter facebook page

Check the PMI Ghana Chapter Facebook page

This gathering of Engineers and Project Managers together is a unique opportunity to expand your professional network, learn from diverse backgrounds and share your experience through a real project in Ghana.

The “Accra Flooding Initiative” has been launched by the “PMI Ghana Chapter” together with “Project Managers Without Borders” with the aim to set up an action plan for the prevention of regular floodings in the Accra region in Ghana.

PMI Belgium Chaper Web Site

PMI Belgium Chapter Web Site

The theme of the event is different from typical ones and will give you the opportunity to learn and share your project management skills and experience with engineers to develop solutions to a real challenge facing the authorities in Ghana. As the Ghana capital (Accra) is flooded on a yearly basis, the local authorities are looking for ideas for a complete stakeholder analysis, impact analysis and help with the design of engineering solutions.


This  workshop will allow you to provide expert advice and recommendations from international and recognized Engineers and Project Managers to the Accra authorities on the recurrent floodings in their city.

A lot of good reasons for the project managers and especially PMP® certified PMs to attend this workshop:

Kris Troukens

Kris Troukens

–        Excellent brainstorm possibilities and group discussions on technical or environmental issues, fully in line with PMBOK.

–        Help an NGO to realize a true project

–        Learn to use brainstorm techniques

–        A project which could be part of your Corporate Social Responsibility track

We will have the pleasure to have Kris Troukens (PMP®) as the speaker and the facilitator for this event. Kris is a member of “Project Management Without borders” and is working on this project in Ghana for which he needs the support of engineers and project managers.

Learn more about this initiative

Learn more about this initiative

He has been in contact with the top Ghana authorities who will support the project locally.

Block the date of 15th March  starting at 6:30PM for this great learning and networking opportunity together with Project Management and Engineering colleagues. Please note that the presentation & workshop will be in English

PDUs: For our members with certifications, this event will give them the opportunity to claim 2 PDUs.

Location: Het Ingenieurshuis – Desguinlei 214 – B-2018 Antwerpen 1

PMI and PMP are registered mark of Project Management Institute, Inc.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM





Survey on project manager’s developmental network and leadership style, participate !

11 Fév

Hello, one of the well known PMI France members, Jean-Roch Houllier, is currently studying in a DBA (doctorate) dealing with the project manager’s developmental network and leadership style.

He would be very happy if you accept to complete, as a project manager, the following questionnaire to collect the data for his research.

After clicking on the link below you will be directed to our questionnaire that takes about 20 minutes to complete. Participation is voluntarily and you can stop and restart at any time (do not hesitate to use the SAVE button on top of the questionnaire page if needed), even though we hope you will complete the survey.


Read this article "Motivation Whisperer" by Jean-Roch Houllier

Read this article « Motivation Whisperer » by Jean-Roch Houllier

You will participate as anonymous person unless you wish to receive a synthesis of the research key results or/and to participate in a lottery. If this is the case, please kindly send an email within which you state your interest in the synthesis and your participation in the lottery.

We respect your privacy and take every possible measure to ensure that all data provided by you remains confidential.

The deadline for your response is Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Please note that the survey works the best on computers and laptops.

When answered all questions, please do not forget to click on the Submit button at the end of the questionnaire.

PS : Do not hesitate forward the questionnaire link to other project manager colleagues.

Thank you 🙂


4 Avril – Montréal #PMI® – Symposium 2017

29 Jan

Partager, innover et grandir…le futur de la profession

pmi-montreal-symposium-2017SEULEMENT 50 BILLETS À PRIX RÉDUIT !   Membre : 325 $; Non-membre : 425 $; 5 PASSEPORTS CORPORATIFS : 1200 $ 

Quatre parcours : Innovation | Académique | Bureau de projets |Ateliers

Le PMI-Montréal est fier de vous présenter la 8ème édition du Symposium en gestion de projet. Une journée pleine de conférenciers, ateliers, démonstrations et réseautage.


Louis Roquet – Cours de méthodologie pour les projets complexes : deux exemples intéressants

Annemarie Lesage et Gaétan Racine – UX, Agile, collaboration : une formule gagnante en développement de projet complexe

François Morel et Pascal Villeneuve – Mise en lumière du Pont Jacques-Cartier : Un projet d’envergure réunissant le génie de divers horizons

Pierre Majorique Léger – Les neurosciences pour décoder l’expérience utilisateur : Le Tech3Lab de HEC Montréal

Guillaume Blum – Gérer l’innovation par le design

Jane Holden – PMO into an award winner


PMI is a registered mark of Project Management Institute, Inc.




1 February – Webinar hosted by Elizabeth Harrin – Learn the 5 reasons why you should network and how to do it successfully at work

28 Jan

Networking For Professional Development !

Elizabeth Harrin

Elizabeth Harrin

Are you in two minds about whether to go to that networking event or to talk to the people you see in the office elevator? You definitely should.

This webinar will help make you a pro at building workplace relationships.

We’ll look at the best ways to network outside your immediate workplace including tips to get the best out of attending events like conferences.

Finally, Elizabeth Harrin will leave you with some easy to implement techniques to make meeting new people feel a lot less overwhelming, whether they are new colleagues, your CEO or the stranger sitting next to you at a presentation who might just be the long-term connection you were looking for.

Click Here to Claim Your Seat

Don't miss to visit Elizabeth's web site, one of the most famous in project management

Don’t miss to visit Elizabeth’s web site, one of the most famous in project management



19 January – Affligem – #PMI® Belgium Chapter New Year Event

6 Jan

The PMI Belgium chapter board members are inviting all its members to join the first 2017 Chapter Event – Yearly General Assembly.

PMI Belgium Chaper Web Site

PMI Belgium Chaper Web Site

During the session the Chapter Board will present the outcomes of 2016 and the plan for 2017 and onward.

By tradition, this is also a Networking activity for creating new connections between members, so be prepared by refreshing your mind with the chapter most famous dates (the one still having our 15th Anniversary Photo Album may have an advantage) and also some elements of the PMI Standards.


  • 18 h 30 : Reception with badge collection
  • 19 h 15 : Presentations of the Board: General Assembly
  • 20 h 15 : The entertainment part… (Chapter & Project Management Quizz – Smartphone required)
  • 21 h 00 : Reception with finger foods, drinks and networking
  • 23 h 00 : End of the event

Register (Individual)

PMI is a registered mark of Project Management Institute, Inc.


18 Janvier – Montréal #PMI® – 3ème édition du RDV Carrière du PMI-Montréal

26 Déc

En 2017, c’est sous le thème des gestionnaires intelligents que le PMI-Montréal convie la communauté des gestionnaires de projet à son événement carrière annuel.

pmi-montreal-rdv-carrieres-2017Conférences, ateliers LinkedIn, kiosques d’employeurs, conseils de coachs et de mentors et bien plus vous attendent lors de cette journée riche en activités.

C’est un rendez-vous!

L’événement aura lieu le mercredi 18 janvier 2017 de 11 h à 19 h.

Inscription gratuite pour les membres !

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

PMI is a registered mark of Project Management Institute, Inc.



26 July – Zürich – PM Summer Lunch Networking

14 Juil

A great initiative of PMI Switzerland and its Meetup group « Project Management Network Zurich »

PMI Switzerland EventsEnjoy the summer and network over lunch with other Projects Managers in a relaxed atmosphere !

Meet at the border of the lake, on Tuesday 26 July 2016 from 12.00 to 13.30 at: Ristorante Frascati Zürich – Bellerivestrasse 2 – 8008 Zurich – Website

Public transport: Kreuzstrasse (tram 2, 4), just 2 tram stops away from Bellevue.

Everybody pays for his/her own lunch. Sorry, no PDU’s for this event 🙂


Building, diversifying and keeping your network alive ! Here are a few simple personal rules… ..what would you add?

6 Avr

It’s well known that networking significantly increases career opportunities, however, how can you improve your efficiency in this domain?

Here are a few simple rules I made up over time…

Build your network#1. Build your network when you don’t need it !

If you start to think about your network only when you need to ask for a favor or even simply an advice, it’s too late. A network builds over time and the more you give and connect with your relations without purpose, the stronger the link becomes with them and they will surely be there if you ever need them.

#2. Constantly nurture your network


Volunteer your assistance

Always think about the value you can bring to the table and offer to your contacts. Then take the next step and proactively share this value with your network. By the way, social media tools are great at facilitating and speeding up some these networking aspects such as being alerted when relations change jobs, move up, acquire new skills, get older… It can be appropriate if done sincerely to congratulate your contact upon such events depending on your closeness with him or her. Giving recommendations is also a favor that deepens the relationship provided that you really can recommend the person for a skill or expertise that you have personally witnessed in them.

#3. Diversity is as important as Focus and Depth

DiversitéWhile not forgetting to grow your internal network within the company, it is often the case that internal visibility grows with external recognition and networking (participation in events, delivering presentations, writing articles in newspapers, books, posting blogs, twitting…). Indeed, your network depth and richness will certainly put in evidence some opportunities for you (new industries, new markets, new job families…). I will also open a few doors and identify job openings (before they are even posted). Get out of your comfort zone, meet people from other companies, industries, regions, countries…

Let’s also keep in mind that your overall network includes both « on » and « off » line relations. While very often, people you meet face to face are also part of your online networks, it may not always be the case and human face to face interactions should never be undervalued as they remain often richer types of interactions.

discussionFor example, one of the key person to enrich your network is your mentor(s) as he/she/they can help to fast track your progression. And, it’s a good idea to ensure that you meet regularly face to face with this person as not everything can nor should be written online…

I’m sure that you built up your own rules over time and I’m curious to learn about these if you accept to share them in the comments section of the blog.

Image courtesy of Phanlop88 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Phanlop88 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

For me, networking with a purpose, remaining centered on my true areas of interest and always looking for ways to add value to my networked colleagues, friends and business contacts has proven to be very efficient, fulfilling and satisfying for all.

Note: It also is a good way to manage your online identity, reflecting on what you want to be remembered for whenever your name is mentioned.

Don’t miss this TED Video on what makes life happier in the long run !

28 Janvier – Montréal – Réseauter sur LinkedIn : Suscitez votre propre profil percutant

18 Jan

linkedinMesdames, La communauté de pratique d’ExcELLE vous invite à réseauter tout en apprenant comment Réseauter sur linkedIn

Bon cela y est, votre profil LinkedIn est publié. Tout y est et vous avez suivi les règles pour que votre profil ressorte! Et là … Rien! Personne ne semble remarquer ce superbe profil. Eh bien non, vous n’avez complété que la première partie, bien qu’essentiel, votre profil ne vous apportera rien si vous ne réseautez pas correctement! Pour mieux tirer votre épingle du jeu, nous invitons à venir échanger avec Caroline Dufresne, de Lumenpulse, Acheteuse Sénior.

Caroline Dufresne

Caroline Dufresne

Conférencière : Caroline Dufresne est responsable des achats et de la gestion de la chaîne d’approvisionnement d’ensembles électroniques chez Lumenpulse Lighting Inc. un fournisseur leader  et de solutions LED. Elle combine également des connaissances techniques de Microsoft Dynamics avec l’expérience du cycle de vie de la mise en œuvre du projet d’élaborer des exigences d’affaires en solutions de systèmes.

Halloween au bureau ? Un bon sujet de réseautage avec les collègues américains !

28 Oct

Christina éclaire une de fois de plus nos « jack o’lanterns » découpées dans des citrouilles 🙂

En France, quand nous parlons d’Halloween, les commentaires sont souvent: “Oui, les enfants aiment bien” . Aux États-Unis, Halloween est pour tous et c’est l’une des plus grandes fêtes de l’année. 

Dans cet épisode spécial que Christina Rebuffet nous a préparé sur SBFG TV, apprenez-en davantage, y compris le vocabulaire qui pourrait vous manquer: http://christinarebuffet.com/2015/10/25/feter-halloween-aux-etats-unis/

en bonus, sur le sujet du réseautage, je me permets de vous rappeler quelques uns des 18 sujets qui permettent de démarrer et entretenir vos conversations avec des inconnus

Allez piocher au buffet

lineEn faisant la queue pour la nourriture, commencez à bavarder avec la personne à côté de vous. Ceci est une bonne occasion de commencer une conversation parce que vous avez déjà quelque chose en commun : la nourriture. Tout le monde pense la même chose : Que vais-je essayer ?  « Oh mon dieu, tout semble si bon … Que choisir ? je ne suis pas sûr! Qu’en pensez-vous ? « 

Trouvez un solitaire

meetSi vous voyez quelqu’un seul dans un coin, tenant sa boisson et paraissant malheureux, n’ayez pas peur de vous approcher et de vous présenter. Typiquement ces personnes ont besoin d’un peu d’aide pour engager la conversation. « Ces événements de réseautage peuvent être si animés. Cela vous ennuierait-il que je vous rejoigne ici où c’est un peu plus tranquille ? »

Parlez sport

sport cyclingLes gens aiment parler de sport. Si vous êtes un sportif, utilise-le à votre bénéfice !

Vous entendez un groupe de personnes parler du match d’hier soir ? Montrez votre intérêt dans la conversation en disant quelque chose comme, « parlez-vous de …… ? », puis suivez le mouvement.

Entretenez la conversation

Je sais ce que vous pensez. Oui, oui, c’est bien bel et bon, mais comment puis-je poursuivre la conversation après la question initiale ? C’est facile! Discutez de quelque chose d’autre que vous avez en commun : l’événement lui-même! Après cela, essayez d’en apprendre davantage sur eux. Faites-les parler. Souvenez-vous, les gens aiment parler d’eux-mêmes.

Liste complète de « 18 Easy Conversation Starters For Networking Events » ici..

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